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22 Genius Clothing Hacks That Are Easy And Cheap

Let me list you some of the things that happen to me on a daily basis:

- I spill peanut butter all over my pants and therefore have gross oil stains.
- The cute rips in my jeans become gaping holes I could slip my entire body out of.
- My feet sweat and I can't take off my shoes in public.

Yeah, it's a hard-knock life, I know. Clothes are the actual worst, I wish we could just be naked all. the. time.

But, we can't. So lucky for me (and for you), clothing hacks exist to make wearing clothes just a little bit more bearable. I'm excited to see where this goes.

1. If knee high boots weren't so damn cute, I'd give them the boot from my closet.

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

They're ridiculously hard to store, and they often lose their shape. Using a pool noodle is a cheap AF solution to keeping them upright.

2. Remember those peanut butter stains I was whining about?

Cosmopolitan | Cosmopolitan

Dish soap is key when it comes to getting grease out of just about anything, including oils from foods like my beloved PB.

If you can't seem to keep your food in your mouth like me, this is gonna be crucial.

3. Don't throw out the pants that look fabulous on you just because they're starting to pill.

Cotton And Curls | Cotton And Curls

Instead, run to the bathroom to grab a razor and shave those babies off.

I mean, you only use that thing four months a year anyway, might as well get some extra use out of it.

4. If you want to give your tank tops some new life, don't toss them out.

Twitter | @gabbyrogalevich

Instead, cross over the straps and turn it into a sexy new version for literally no cost.

And honestly, it gives the ladies a little bit of extra support, too.

5. If you've got the same problem I have where the holes in your ripped jeans seem to just keep getting bigger, try this.

Yimmyayo | Yimmyayo

All you need is a pair of fun lacy tights to put on underneath.

6. Or if ripped jeans aren't usually your thing, you can add a patch of cool fabric underneath.

Smile Like You Mean It | Smile Like You Mean It

I've actually done this with the exact same fabric as pictured, and let me tell you, I felt hella cool.

7. Don't bother fighting with your jeans so they fit over your boots. 

Memes | Memes

It's basically a losing battle.

Instead, give them a cute cuff to show off your ankles, and you'll be the talk of the town.

8. This hack seems a little bit silly at first, but what's really silly is throwing out a perfectly good top because of a small stain.

Twitter | @FSWGSpecialists

Just use a black marker to hide bleach marks on dark clothing and nobody will know. Ok, I'll know, but I'll keep your secret.

See, aren't stains the worst? Between oils, bleach, sweat, and food, you really can't win.


Especially when you can't seem to do anything without spilling all over yourself, like me.

9. Do you tend to sweat a lot under your arms?

Musely | Musely

Getting sweat stains on clothes is the worst, so to avoid those pesky stains, add a panty liner to your shirts to soak up the sweat.

10. For whatever reason, clothing sizes aren't standardized, and sometimes things that should fit are just too small.

Agape Loves Designs | Agape Loves Designs

So when it comes to your shoes, add a bag of water to them and put them in the freezer to stretch the heck out.

11. Another great freezer hack for clothes is to put your jeans inside to get rid of the smell.

Heddels | Heddels

I know you pretty much never wash your jeans, so doing this once a year will benefit you (and those around you) greatly.

12. I can think of one or two people in my life who could use this hack, me included.

Pinterest | Pinterest

This is probably the worst in the summer, when flats start to get a little too sweaty for my liking.

Just don't forget to throw out the bags so you don't make sweaty tea

13. Never be caught with your fly open again!

Listotic | Listotic

We all know the embarrassing feeling when we realize the zipper on our pants has come down...again.

Next time you're finding yourself with your fly wide open, grab a key ring and your problems will be zipped up for good.

14. Wearing a sweater over a cute collared shirt is totally in style.

Franish The Blog | Franish The Blog

But don't you hate how the top underneath makes your sweater all baggy?

Wear a tight fitting tank between your blouse and sweater to make sure it hugs in all the right places.

15. One of my biggest clothing pet peeves is how expensive tights are, and how easily they like to rip.

Pinterest | Pinterest

I've never been able to find a pair that'll withstand more than a few wears.

If this hack is legit, I owe someone big time.

16. Don't you wish life was just stain resistant?

Pinterest | Pinterest

If I get through a day without getting something on me, it has been a good day.

Whether you've sloshed a bit of red wine on your favorite dress, or you ended up with foundation all over your favorite sweater, this list has your back.

17. Sometimes fixing an annoying problem is just a matter of finding a simple solution.

Top Inspired | Top Inspired

Who would have known a paper clip is all you need to transform your bra.

And in case you were wondering, this will make your girls look great, too.

18. Isn't laundry the worst? 

Pinterest | Pinterest

I absolutely hate waiting for the laundry to dry, and my dryer usually takes at least two cycles to get my clothes to that straight-out-of-the-dryer warmth I love so much.

Speed up the time with this genius life hack.

19. Don't want to spend tons of money on maternity clothes, but don't want to sacrifice your style?

DIY Crafts | DIY Crafts

Follow this simple DIY to add elastic panels to your old jeans so you'll be fashionable instead of frumpy.

20. Who would have thought that everyone's favorite beauty product would get stains off suede?!

Twitter | @kierahagan

This is definitely worth giving a shot. I wonder if it gets stains out of other things, too.

21. We often have to compromise between looking good and boob comfort.

Extra Petite | Extra Petite

When it comes to open back clothes, try making a DIY bra extender so your bra strap doesn't peak through.

22. If your shoes are a little too big, or you're finding that your foot sweat is making you slide around, try this hack.

Twitter | @emelia_selden

It's basically just a maxi pad inside a shoe, but it sticks to the fabric really well because that's what they're designed to do.

Now we can be free of annoying clothing issues and truly life our best lives.

Keep Calm | Keep Calm

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