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Instagram Star Has Words For Trolls Saying Her Boyfriend Is 'Too Hot' For Her

People have never been shy to give their two cents on what they see across social media, especially when it comes to Instagram stars with large followings. These people are willing to share their lives with the world, often to be torn down by trolls who want to see them fail. But social media can also be a positive way to share stories, experiences, and important messages.

People have been judging relationships based on their own narrow perceptions of what love should be like since the beginning of time.

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And the introduction of social media hasn't been much help.

Society seems to have this idea of what two people in love should look like. 

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And it's always been reinforced by what we see in popular media, and now also on social media.

All couples have their differences, and it's what makes a relationship more interesting.


Maybe she likes pasta, and he prefers stir-fry. Or maybe he's short and she's tall. Why does any of this matter to us if they're in love?

That's what this Instagram star asked when trolls started commenting on her relationship with her boyfriend. 

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But she used her influence on social media as an opportunity to share a message about body positivity with the world.

Melissa (or "Melly," as she's known online) is an Instagrammer who often showcases her relationship with her boyfriend.

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Melly is a Body Positivity Blogger, sharing her inspirational thoughts on loving yourself and your body.

Melly is no stranger to being "fat shamed" on social media, but she always takes the high road when it comes to promoting body positivity on her account. 

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And she is certainly not ashamed of her body, flaunting it in curve-hugging clothing and promoting herself in swimsuits and lingerie with confidence I wish I had.

Melly met her boyfriend Johnathan in 2017 and they truly look like a couple in love.

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They look like they're ready to take on 2018 together, no matter what the haters have to say.

When Melly first introduced Johnathan to her audience, people were upset that she fell for a "skinny man."

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They said it goes against everything she does for the body positivity movement. Poor girl just can't win.

Despite people's initial issues with Melly dating someone smaller than her, she continued to post photos of the two of them appearing totally in love. 

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Including a photo of them on New Year's Eve that really brought the trolls out to play.

This photo of Melly and Johnathon garnered a lot of attention from trolls who claimed that he was more attractive than her, primarily because of her size.

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Melly had a few choice words to say to those who wanted to bring them down.

Melly hasn't let the trolls get her down. In fact, she's using them to rise up.

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She wants to bring more awareness to how body weight is perceived in relationships, and also how other visual differences in relationships are criticized in the media.

She's asked her followers to share their own stories in an "Ode To Mismatched Couples," which she is sharing in the Stories section of her Instagram account.

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So many couples have shared their stories with Melly to help showcase that love is love, regardless of the way you look.

This project aims to help end the stigma around these types of differences in relationships.

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Which is amazing to see because these differences don't affect their ability to love each other at all.

It's incredible to see so many couples happily in love with each other and not caring about any differences they might have.

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The smiles on their faces are all the proof I need to know how deeply they care for each other.

Some of the stories the couples share with their photos are incredibly inspiring as well.

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These couples live happy, healthy, and full lives, and no one can take that from them.

We wish Melly and Johnathan, and all the couples sharing their stories, all the happiness! The world needs more people promoting love for all. 


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