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32 Times Weird Weather Broke Our Brains

Outdoors: it's where we go when we're feeling cooped up or want some exercise. It's where we go when we have to get somewhere.

The outdoors is fine. But its partner in crime, weather, needs to stop trolling us. Most of us didn't go to meteorology school. Most of us aren't prepared for the wack curveballs weather insists on throwing at us. Most of us are just trying to survive going outside.

1. Just keep driving.

Reddit | ProcrastinatorSkyler

I don't see the big deal, looks like a pleasant day.

*looks in mirror*

Apparently some kind of darkness monster is on our tail. Put the pedal to the metal and don't turn around.

2. Did I just get eyedrops?

Reddit | paetrixus

Apparently this phenomenon is known as light pillars, and the weather has to be just right. The weather is literally messing with the way that we perceive light.

3. Welcome to Arizona.

Reddit | itsjustetni

I have family in Phoenix, but I'd never want to live there. It isn't the heat that's the problem — it's the choking dust storms. Never visit during haboob season.

4. *Gulp*

Reddit | modesthalfling

I'm not great at identifying clouds, but if pressed, I'd have to say this is a cumulogetouttahere cloud formation that means some kind of horrible apocalyptic storm is on its way.

5. *Turns around and goes back inside*

Reddit | Reddit

That's not a lightning strike. There's clearly a giant, _Independence Day-_style spacecraft just out of frame and it's using its tractor beam to abduct people. No thanks.

6. Life is savage in the Wolverine State.

Reddit | Please_Wait

You need to make up your mind, Michigan. Going from winter to spring and back to winter again in the span of three days is soul-destroying.

7. You may have.

Reddit | El_Senor28

I don't know what constitutes "zombie weather" and I hope I never do. But if I look closely at this pic, I think I can hear Rick Grimes calling for "COARL!".

8. You guys, it's so absurdly cold in Vancouver, Canada that the paint for this parking lot space shattered!

Reddit | abarri

I didn't even know this was possible and I have so many questions.

9. Bad place for a road.

Reddit | earthmoonsun

I thought snow was bad, but at least it melts...eventually. So unless this dessert is well-serviced by sand-plows, this road might be impassable for a long while.

10. Looks...swirly.

Reddit | GetToDaChoppa1

Clouds are nice to look at. Then they start swirling. Then they get closer and swirlier. Then they make contact with the ground. Next thing you know, you're in Kansas.

11. What a difference a day can make.

Reddit | [deleted]

Yesterday: big waves, brisk breeze, altogether not a bad day to grab your boogie board.

Today? The apocalypse is upon us, and we now live in Waterworld.

12. Well, it's good to know that we're exactly as afraid of the freezing cold as we should be.

Instagram | @mememang

Although, I have a feeling that Ghostface's idea of a scary movie is The Day After Tomorrow. It doesn't really pack the same punch, though.

13. Lots of places change their weather every five minutes, but this place takes things an extra step further.

Instagram | @will_ent

As we can see, it erases all evidence that the previous weather even happened. Nice try, but we have the proof.

14. No, these poor folks aren't just klutzes. The wind is so strong that it's literally blowing them down the street.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

As far as I can tell, the only way to simulate the feeling is to end up on a roller-coaster against your own will.

15. If there's one thing you don't want to do, it's mix a raging inferno with freezing cold temperatures.

Reddit | zsreport

Sure, the fact that it looks like Sub-Zero's rampage is pretty cool, but good luck getting that bike to ever start again.

16. Sadly, the worst thing about indecisive weather is the knowledge that the good times won't last.

Reddit | froxyflys

Enjoy those freaky days where you can wear a T-shirt in February while they last, people.

Oh well, at least it'll probably change back just as quickly.

17. Ice formed on some greenery, making a perfect frozen duplicate of the leaves. 

Reddit | GermanySheppard

I'm impressed that this person was able to remove it in one piece. I would totally use this as a decoration in my apartment, if only it wouldn't melt...

18. Of course, one person's light dusting of snow is another person's avalanche.

Reddit | twindad22

As much as I'd like to roll my eyes at this, I also know that I'd pretty much melt if I ever visited Texas in the summer, so yeah...

19. It seems Jack Frost moonlights as a makeup artist, too.

Reddit | fantomas80

This is apparently what happens to eyelashes at -47°C. Yeah, I don't think I want to participate in this makeup trend.

20. Why, it's getting so the ice doesn't even have the common courtesy to remain solid anymore.

Reddit | allentertainment2

And this situation can only get worse when this stuff inevitably refreezes two hours later. I guess they need to pack a chisel with their ice scrapers.

21. The forecast is...ominous.

Reddit | loopzoopy

Did someone confirm that the end of times were upon us and I missed it? Is the sun going full supernova? Are we getting sucked into a black hole?

22. You shall not pass.

Reddit | DaftHermes

You know how when a video game doesn't want you to go any further, it puts an impassable barrier in your way? Yeah. This is the real-world version.

23. How can you ever trust the outdoors again?

Reddit | TheFireBuck

First it floods, then it freezes, then it surrounds your car with a gravity-defying layer of ice. Congrats, winter. You've officially broken me.

24. Which way did it go?

Reddit | Reddit

The nice thing about a freak hailstorm in the middle of summer is that it really isn't hard to get on its trail or see where it hit.

25. How to lose the tree lottery.

Reddit | Skratt

If you were born a tree (I know, I know, just play along), would you rather be located a) in a lush redwood grove, b) along a tropical beach, or c) here?

26. I hope the firefighters don't end up needing to use this... 

Reddit | aspire2dance

Unless breaking off chunks of ice and throwing them at the fire will put it out, this hydrant won't do them any good now.

27. I was absolutely not kidding when I said that some people were using this unbearably cold weather to do some crazy things! How is this man still alive?

Reddit | Lustforcrust

"This is what it looks like after you surf Lake Superior in winter."

28. I didn't know this was possible...

Reddit | BrianMick

...but, apparently, if you live in Florida, Arizona, Nevada, or any other boiling hellhole, your blinds can melt

29. TFW you're a fish during hurricane season.

Reddit | azumuzu

They were just trying to eat, or spawn, or do whatever it is that fish do. Then Hurricane Sandy hits and they're part of a chain link fence.

30. The wind and mist blowing off Niagara Falls created what looks like an ice monster that's about to eat a lamppost!

Reddit | DONTthinkTWICE2286

Reddit user DONTthinkTWICE2286 posted this photo, which belongs to a friend of his who's into local vintage photos.

31. But just because it's not on our minds right now, that doesn't mean the heat can't get you, too.

Reddit | GreyHatBrat

For instance, it was very neighborly of this hot day to open this person's drink for them...all over their car's interior.

32. I always wanted a basement skating rink.

Reddit | NsfwOlive

The ceiling might be a bit low and the basement might be a bit destroyed, but in this bleak season it's important to focus on the positive.

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