22 People That Have A Leg Up On Being Funny

Sometimes life isn't fair and you're dealt a hand that is difficult to cope with. But that negative event doesn't have to rule your life if you find a way to handle the stress.

For example, millions of people have had to go through the amputation healing process, which involves improving both their physical and mental well-being.

I'm sure that everyone has their own way to deal with the typical challenges that face an amputee, but for these people, humor is their method of choice.

And they can get pretty darn creative! I know I'd do a double-take!

1. So that's what happened to him!

reddit | Giant_sharks

(Can we also pause for a second to admire that incredible snow sculpture?)

2. Always a table handy when you need it.

reddit | TerminalCorporal06

3. A couple who laughs together stays together.

Imgur | mikelem

He lost a hand and she had a mastectomy, but they exchanged gloves and a bra for Christmas.

4. If you've seen A Christmas Story, you know exactly what she's going for.

Crutch Prints | Crutch Prints

5. Literally.

Instagram | @iceman_doom

6. When preparing for a trip means packing an extra foot.

Instagram | @veronicapizana27

7. Suddenly, figurative speech becomes so much more.

Instagram | @cwolves1

8. Ouch!

Instagram | @iceman_doom

"I twisted my ankle rock climbing!"

9. What a great way to "re-porpoise" an armless shoulder!

Imgur | Pinterest

10. The best diet tip ever.

Instagram | @norskigrl13

11. Touché.

Instagram | @that1legkid

12. I give credit to the Palace Guard for keeping it together while they didn't.

Instagram | @mstockwell01

13. The tables have turned.

Instagram | @m_diddy_combs

14. Yes, a good sense of humor and a prosthetic limb can provide limitless amusement 

Reddit |  [deleted]

15. Har har.

Instagram | @jperry84

16. Lego of your fears and get creative!

Instagram | @caplovesyou

17. When you can use your leg as a leg rest.

Instagram | @mon.murphy

18. Human foosball.

Twisted Sifter | Twisted Sifter

19. I would have went for the French manicure myself but...

Answers | Answers

20. When a childhood nursery rhyme gets you through.

reddit | bencowtastic

21. When your family doesn't give you an easier time just because of your disability.

Imgur | boomdeyada

22. Worth it just for this costume.

Imgur | Imgur

23. Clever.

Disabled Life Media | Disabled Life Media

24. When it comes to Tinder, there's no point in avoiding the elephant in the room. You may as well make it into a joke!

Twitter | @MEMESG0D
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