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32 Times Things Could Not Have Turned Out Worse

Failure is a part of life that we just have to accept. You know, it's good to learn from mistakes and all, but sometimes the mistakes are so huge you might wanna give up entirely. That's not what I suggest you do, but I just wouldn't blame ya.

Today we're looking at some fails that probably couldn't get any worse. Enjoy!

1. Nothing like that feeling of warm clothes right out of the dryer.

Instagram | @bathtub.exe

Of course, you probably want to turn the heat down a little bit if this winds up happening.

2. When we said "this will blow over soon," we didn't mean it so literally!

Reddit | GrapeApee

I bet this person was super glad to have a good parking space, too. Major bummer.

3. Come on, gurl, no need to get your ta-tas in a twist!

Reddit | tisallfair

Look, I'm no wiz in the kitchen either, but I've never had appliances straight-up attack me. That's crazy!

4. Yeah, can't say I recognize that kind of bird.

Imgur | nothingtowritehomeabout

But hey, who am I to argue with the experts over at the bird seed packaging place, right? Must be a flying squirrel.

5. Sometimes being buried in the sand is fun, other times it's actual crap.

Reddit | [deleted]

Who's the wiseguy who left chips laying around this poor dude's head? Talk about instant regret, huh?

6. You might wanna google a recipe or something before attempting dinner next time.

Twitter | @iamFrank_Lotion

Or, at the very least, maybe consult a dictionary? Well, as they say, "bone app the teeth!"

7. This trick always looks so much easier on T.V. and in movies.

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

Either that bottle was way too compressed, or this girl has strength like the friggin' Hulk! Cheers, mate.

8. And this is why they teach you not to put random things in your mouth when you're a kid.

Imgur | Imgur

You know, the same rule should apply as you get older, too.

9. Next time cupcakes might be a safer bet

Twitter | @Jaberuski

Nope, nothing to read into here guys. Get your thirsty minds out of the dang gutter for once! lol jk — they dicks.

10. Note to self: do not order ice cream sandwiches in Thailand.

Reddit | Cavalier10

That's something I never thought I'd need to know, but at least now we can all benefit from this mistake.

11. I've seen plenty of toilets clog before, but I've never seen them frog clog before.

Reddit | braithwete

One frog is cute, but dozens of them crawling from your toilet is friggin' terrifying!

12. Seeing something like this can be pretty shocking, but if you give it a try, I'm sure you'll find it actually electrifying! 

Reddit | MrTheoRiZE

Water you thinking? This is a drain-gerous design!

13. I like to think the birds knew what she was trying to do and decided to troll her.

Instagram | @will_ent

Like, how many tourists do they see every day, right?

14. You know, something about this kind of ivy wall seems very appealing.

Reddit | buzznights

Do you throw the whole thing out at this point? Or will a few staples here and there fix it?

15. And this is why I don't play sports!

Imgur | SlagathorDeb

Well, that and the fact that I'm completely out of shape for someone my age. I could try exercise, but better not risk it.

16. Sometimes cover ups just make things worse...

Imgur | Imgur

The best part? The stamp is facing the wrong way. We'll call this one a double fail!

17. Not the brightest bulb in the box...

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

The only way that potential tumble could be worse is if he landed on a flight of stairs, and we can't really rule that possibility out.

18. No idea how this happened but looks like you might be up there for a while


Hopefully, you've got food and water!

19. I'd never wish this on anyone

Instagram | @memelif3

Every ice cream cone we've ever dropped will never measure up to this level of tragedy.

20. Maybe you could re-brand this one as some sort of cheesecake? 

Instagram | @daydreams.and.memes

On second thought, the sound if it being sliced alone would be enough to lose my appetite.

21. That's going to be messy 

Reddit | leonoc

Hopefully she didn't spend too much time on her hair...

22. Looks like someone forgot about the plastic tray

Twitter | @vluddiamond

The nuggets still look pretty good though. Chillin' there, golden, and nuggety, and glorious. I'm sure you can just pick the melted plastic off...

23. This is why you hire a professional and never let Mom get near your hair again...

Instagram | @blacktwitter1

Poor guy, this time the "fam" really did mess him up.

24. You may have gotten drunk before, but have you ever gotten "woke up with a strange pet" drunk? 

Reddit | Ascoo

I mean, they got the tank for it and everything. Have fun!

25. At this point, I don't think we can trust any life hack involving a microwave.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

If they don't make a video of themselves doing it first, I'm assuming they're trying to burn my house down.

26. Nothing like a home cooked meal and some salmonella 

Imgur | aircycle

I honestly hope this is a joke. Otherwise this person is in some serious trouble.

27. Talk about bad first kisses...

Twitter | @dyIsexic

If the picture on the left was the only one we had, it would be heartwarming. The puppy even thinks he is having a sweet moment with this fish.

28. This is no longer a cooking experiment, this is officially a volcano!

Twitter | @Oola_Food

This is also what I picture my stomach turns into after I eat Taco Bell after a night of drinking.

29. So you tried to install new cabinets by yourself...

Reddit | Hanssssolo

If you wake up to this and don't immediately decide to go back to bed, you're a stronger person than I am.

30. For their birthday this year, why not give them the gift of nightmares?

Imgur | Shianneew

Looks like he got way too close to the fire this time! Remember this valuable lesson, Olaf.

31. This is why a selfie stick is better than an S.O.

Instagram | @will_ent

Yeah, some folks just don't understand that you can't take a photo like you're doing Kung Fu.

32. And lastly, I think this one is painful to even look at!

Imgur | Khecken5

What a fail! I mean, come on, it should be "their" not "there." Oh, and I guess the nails are a bit off, too.

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