15+ Times People Pretended They Were Experts

We all like to think of ourselves as being an expert in one field or another. However, some people, definitely not myself included, can wrongly think of themselves as experts in areas where they are as on the ball as a dead seal.

So, with this idea in mind, please enjoy these 15+ times people pretended they were experts!

"Good effort, now let the professionals handle it!"

I don't even bother trying to "fix" things around the house now. I'm about as useful as a marzipan baseball bat when it comes to manual labor.

"There was a meeting about this..."

All they need now is for someone to get in that forklift and start razzing around in it to scare the life out of that guy on top. Although, if he's willing to do this, I don't think that anything would scare him.

"Looking for a cake for the English teacher in YOU'RE life? Look no further!"

Guaranteed to give your teacher the heart attack that they have doubtlessly been on the verge of for years now!

"Hello, I'd like to change a lamp."

This is one of those images that just makes my hands start to feel clammy. His confidence in his own idiocy is commendable.

"9-year-old me went hard as hell."

I wonder what Hayley S. did to deserve being the devil? Or, is the devil a good person in this scenario, as they're their "friend"? I'm very confused, but I like the satanic aspirations of this kid! Hail Satan, folks.

"Pretty advanced technique."

Some people think that breakdancing and welding don't mix! And, well, they don't...but that shouldn't stop you from trying I guess?

"Effective ad, but more importantly, can't beat that rate!"

When you're both bored and need some extra cash, it is amazing the lengths that some people will go to!

Paving Perfection...

Now they will sit there, forever abandoned, a relic of a time gone by. I doubt anyone will miss them in fairness, except drunk people when they're looking for a toilet.

"Looks like someone is cheating!"

I guess that there is nothing wrong with using technology to your advantage a little from time to time though... I mean, can openers are pretty great, right?

Just Drive Around It!

This is one of the most British things I have seen for a while. I can feel myself developing a hankering for a cup of tea as I look at this.

"At least she got the job done."

I like how she is just walking up to that door calmly as hell, as though her car isn't stuck in a ditch nearby. True professional.

"They had one job..."

It took me an embarrassing amount of time to work out what was wrong here. To try and bring a few people down to my level, I'll leave you to work it out yourselves as well.

"A guy at my wife's job still thinks that his new plant is a cactus. It's actually a pickle that is replaced by a new one each 2 days... It's been like that for 2 weeks now."

The person who is playing this prank thinks that they're a comedy genius, but all they are now is just a guy who is caring for a pickle plant.

"The roof is done, boss!"

Sure, it may seem stupid, but someone pointed out that next time they need to fix the leak, they will already have a ladder there to get up to fix it! Genius.

The Quick Fix!

I understand why people use this system for the clocks on ovens and car dashboards, but these clocks are easy to change. Changing the clock on an oven or dash requires a master's in engineering.

Thank God For The Cone!

"Look out for that landslide on the road!"

"'What? What landslide? Is it behind that cone? I can't see it!"

"I draw lines, not circles!"

I don't even know how you could possibly make a mistake this bad without being absolutely hammered.

"Walk of shame, expert level."

Nothing like putting a condom wrapper in your hair to give the game away. It's one hell of a strong look!

"I'm a painter not a phone mover!"

I can understand why this painter wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of the phone movers union though, they're an incredibly powerful institution.

"Nice Job!"

Look, this dog just thought that the sidewalk would look a little better with some tennis balls in it, let him chase his dreams! It might be better if you throw his dreams for him again though first.