Clown Shames Mom Who Wouldn't Let Her Son Get A Butterfly Painted On His Face

Many times society projects stereotypical gender roles onto children because it's what we've been taught throughout our lives. Kids don't really know about gender roles unless we teach them and tell them. Some boys want to wear dresses and play with dolls and some girls want to play with trucks and army men. It's up to the parents what they will and will not allow.

Sometimes, parents don't let their kids be who they want to be.

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One Twitter user, Sandra, who happens to be a clown and do face painting at events, spoke out about an incident with a mom and her four-year-old son, where the mom would not let the boy be himself.

The boy asked to get a butterfly painted.

Instead of allowing her son to get a butterfly painted on his face, the mom said, "No, he doesn't want that."

Sandra was confused.

Sandra tried to sway the mom by saying, "Butterflies are beautiful, shouldn't I paint what he wants?"However, the mom responded, "No, give him something for boys." Of course, the mom's statement reinforced the gender stereotype that butterflies are feminine and only for girls.

Sandra then asked the dad what he thought.

The husband, in turn, agreed with the mom, reinforcing the gender stereotype further for their four-year-old.

The clown pointed something important out.

Sandra made a comment that it's showcasing that the boy's mother and father would be "ashamed" of him for having a butterfly, which could point to a bigger issue.

No matter what, the mom wouldn't budge.

Instead of a butterfly, the mom requested a "skull and crossbones" on the boy's cheek, which the mom thought was more "masculine."

But, Sandra decided otherwise.

After doing the skull and crossbones, the clown offered the boy a butterfly, too. But, the mom was angry after the process and saw the results.

The mom was angry that the clown painted the butterfly.

The mom was angry that the clown "didn't ask her" permission to paint the butterfly, despite it being for her son and not for her.

Sandra went on to explain how sad and terrible it is.

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Sharing that they're "sorry" that the boy is not allowed to love something as nice and beautiful as a butterfly because his parents are scared of what people may think of him.

And, it's really just a part of nature.

Butterflies are a "miracle" and "wonder of nature" according to the Twitter thread. That's true, after all.

In the thread, Sandra also pointed out that for girls it's a bit easier to navigate gender norms.

Talking about toxic masculinity and projecting that onto young boys, she pointed out that girls do have it easier, since, "being a tomboy is slightly more normalized." And, she feels bad for this young boy and the others who have to go through the same treatment.

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