Dad On TikTok Hilariously Impersonates His 12-Year-Old Son

TikTok may be a popular app with young kids and Generation Z, but it seems that the app is becoming more popular with adults lately, too. As it so happens, parents are now getting on the app and using the video feature to their advantage. Some of them are really getting into the new fad, too.

Parents are joining in TikTok challenges and viral trends.

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Some parents have been taking part in popular dance crazes and even challenges. And, some of them are pretty good at using the app, too.

Recently, one TikTok dad has gone viral for his latest video series.

Dad Brandon Floyd has become pretty popular on TikTok for his video recreations where he impersonates his 12-year-old son, Carson.

The dad has some spot-on acting skills.

In one video, Brandon impersonates his son "trying to go anywhere." He's busy on his video game, then takes forever to change and get in the car, as his wife yells at her "son" to get a move on.

Once their in the car, he's busy on his phone.

Once they get in the car, he's distracted by his phone (of course) and takes forever to even get out of the car.

In another video, Brandon showcases how long it takes Carson to get to bed.

What should be a fast bedtime routine turns into Carson spending 3+ hours eating dinner, showering, and getting ready to go to bed for the night.

Trying to get ready for school is a real issue.

As his wife calls their "son" to get out of bed, he refuses to get up and wake up, in a dramatic fashion of kicking off the blanket and rolling around.

It's just too funny.

For anyone who has a 12-year-old son, they know that Brandon's impressions are totally spot on and flawless.

So many parents can relate.

Many parents comment on Brandon's videos saying that their kids are the same exact way, feeling like they're being seen and heard from his videos.

Maybe it's a boy thing.

It seems to me that Carson, Brandon's son, may just be like every other pre-teen boy in America. All parents can relate!

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