15+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘Something’s Not Right’

There are many things that we look at in this world and think that something must have gone wrong. I mean, people actually listen to, what's going on there?

Anyway, that aside, to momentarily distract you from whatever productive thing you were meant to be doing today here are 15+ moments that made us go, "Something's not right!"

If Only You Had Somewhere To Put That!

Someone suggested that maybe he has accidentally nailed his hand to this wood and he is on the way to the hospital. Anything is possible, I guess?

*Worried Sniffing*

"Can you tell me what is actually on fire?"

"No, I can't see anything because of the damn smoke!"

"Hmmm, well, I don't think i can help you then. Good luck!"

"What an interesting birthday cake."

Christ alive, I've never seen anything look so depressed and deflated since Simon Cowell last briefly graced my TV.

Neither Practical Nor Tasteful!

I would rather walk than get in this monstrosity, and that is saying something as I despise any form of physical exercise!

"I, for one, like the new name better."

I mean, this new name really gets a point across about what kind of food you can expect here!

Between All Of Them They Nearly Got The Sign Right!

I know that Baby Yoda is very "in" right now, but you shouldn't resort to making signs in the voice of Yoda like this.

"Installed the radiator, boss!"

Nothing like having your view spoiled by a floating radiator, is there? I'm sure that this is a problem that everyone has encountered at some point, those damn floating radiators!

"My buddy got a little nervous when he saw this on his return flight."

On the plus side, that is some wonderful handwriting! I wish that I could write on paper as neatly as the person who wrote this can write on the wing of a plane in snow!

"I'm beginning to think we might have a mouse."

I can only imagine that the mouse is off camera just to the right pulling tongues at these cats. Although, that might be because I live in a Tom and Jerry cartoon in my head.

"They Clearly Tie A Good Knot!"

So, do you try and get it down or do you just wait for the tide to come back in? My knowledge of boats extends to what can be learnt from Captain Pugwash so I'm all ears!

"Looking for a cake for the English teacher in your life? Look no further."

You just need to try and ignore the horrendous grammatical error and focus on the fact that pink icing is the tastiest...if you can!

Thems The Rules!

Yeah, it's about time that all those people with their faces got their comeuppance! I'm sick of people with faces thinking they run the shop!


I'm sure that the middle one will hardly get used anyway, but that's no reason to just do whatever the hell this abomination is!

"I thought it was weird someone put tape over the sign..."

I like to imagine that there was a local farmer who was constantly frustrated by the inaccuracy of this sign and ultimately just went to B&Q for tape to fix it himself.

"We Take For Open Are Out!"

There are many ways you can read this, and they are all terrifically wrong. I'm getting a nosebleed trying to read it properly.

"I must be remembering what bananas look like wrong."

Well, I guess that things really are different in Australia. I bet the banana breads that people in Australia have been doubtlessly making in lockdown must bring tears to your eyes.

They Got There In The End!

Parallel parking can be a bit of a struggle for lots of people! Although, this looks more like a war than a bit of a struggle!

"What's this supposed to say?"

"Look, the sign isn't going to work!"

"But, Dave, I already bought the long 'i'! I'm sure that no one will notice!"

"These soccer fields in Cape Coral, FL barely have a right angle."

I cannot imagine how frustrating it would be trying to play on one of these pitches. The person drawing on the lines must have been the person trying to parallel park in the previous picture.

"The ice cream cake I ordered for Valentine's Day said 'I Love You' but some of the letters fell off during transit."

I quite like the abrupt tone of this "love note" though. Sometimes, all you need is a "Yo!"