Millennials Are Getting Roasted On TikTok Over Their Side Parts And Skinny Jeans

As a millennial, I just have to say: We had this coming.

Gen Z is undoubtedly a cooler generation than the rest of us, and they have no problem letting absolutely everyone know that little fact. Lately, they've taken to TikTok to roast the hell out of us millennials.

I mean, it's fair.

Listen, millennials deserve to be roasted.

Unsplash | Tuyen Vo

We're a generation that un-ironically loves so many cringey things, from Harry Potter to avocados (I hate avocados, you guys). However, I think we've all accepted how deeply uncool we are.

TikTok has us 100% clocked, however.

The laughing crying emoji? Over. The skinny jeans? Throw them out. Gen Z thinks we're old for those. And guys, they're right on the emoji front. Don't use that. It's so cringey. We gotta be better than the crying-laugh emoji.

Oh, and the way we wear our hair makes us look old, by the way.

Side parts are OUT, according to Gen Z. It's a middle part or bust, people. As someone who has had a side part my whole life, I gotta say... A middle part would be kinda dope.

They know us TOO well.

From the way we meme to the way millennials seem to only watch The Office (there are other TV shows out there, I promise), user @glamdemon2024 had us down to a tee in her video.

The comments destroyed us, too.

Not the #BossBabe hashtag...anything but the #BossBabe hashtag.

What did I tell you? That generation knows we're dorks and will bully us for it, without mercy.

As much as they roast, though, they're SO good at hyping you up.

After @speedforcecosplay posted a TikTok trying out a middle part because she was shocked the side part was out, people in the comments went hard telling her how good she looked. I do love you, Gen Z. I DO.

This TikTok lowkey had the last laugh.

"Gen Z: And that's why freedom of expression is so important. I feel so grateful to be alive during a time when I can do my hair as I please. I can wear whatever I want and it's totally okay!" user @mihoymipoi said in her video during an impersonation of Gen Z.

Gen Z is all about accepting people as they are (sort of).

To quote the great Jasmine Masters: OOP.

Yes, Gen Z is about acceptance — except when it comes to millennials' outdated fashion trends.

"ALSO GEN Z: And that's — are those skinny jeans? What did we talk about? Take them off. You look ridiculous," said user @mihoymipoi in another impersonation of Gen Z criticizing millennials.

I mean... Y'all did have that coming.

Many millennials online did not take kindly to Gen Z calling out their fashion choices.

Some called out Gen Z for not knowing how to write in cursive or use analog clocks. Harmless digs, I'm sure, right?

Gen Z has some interesting fashion choices of their own, as some millennials pointed out.

Gen Z has become famous for their boho-chic outfits, oversized sweaters, and middle hair parts. I'm sure in a few years we'll be looking back at their fashion and mocking them, too.

Some issued a warning to Gen Z.

As this user pointed out, time seems to speed up when you're an adult. In a few years, these TikTok users will be nearing 30 themselves and it will be their turn for a social media roasting.

A number of millennials aren't ready to give up their beloved trends.

High-waisted skinny jeans have become something of a millennial staple, so I get it. Sorry, Gen Z, but not everyone looks good in those baggy, boyfriend-style jeans! There, I said it.

Here's one reassuring comment from someone in the younger generation.

This 16-year-old says she still wears skinny jeans and a side part so maybe there is some hope for the younger generation after all.

All I can say is: Just wait until Gen Z has to put up with this from THEIR successors.

You think we're bad? Wait until you guys start getting roasted for your TikTok dances, platform sneakers, and stan Twitter accounts. It's coming for you, my friends.

Run. Run fast.