Quotes That Really Having Us Feeling Our Middle Age

Caitlyn Clancey 12 Feb 2021

Smash Mouth was definitely on to something when they said, "The years start coming and they don't stop becoming." They don't. They really don't.

I feel like once you realize you're on the wrong side of 25, and then the wrong side of 30, and then find yourself approaching the dreaded 40s, time just speeds up and never slows down again. Suddenly you're this middle aged person who goes to bed at 10 PM every night and who now regularly fits new body aches into every conversation you have.

If anything of this is sounding familiar, I think you're really going to relate to these quotes.

1. Oh right, people don't do that anymore, do they?

This is a weird one, but it's so true. It's like when my niece asked me what I was talking about when I said "dial tone."

That one definitely hit me right in the middle age, that's for sure.

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2. Those were the days.

I also miss the days where I could stand up and bend down without my poor knees sounding like someone's popping fresh popcorn inside my legs.

Ahh, sweet, pain-free memories.

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3. Someone explain this one to me.

I can vividly remember staying up so late when I was younger that I would actually be wide-awake watching the sunrise outside.

Now if the clock reads anything past 10 PM my body has already started shutting down and I have to literally drag my sorry self to bed.

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4. Okay, but "clean sheet night" is literally the best night ever.

And if you happened to shave your legs that day too? Wow. Hands down the greatest night of the entire week.

(Or, you know, the greatest night of the month if you're anything like me and often forget you actually need to regularly wash your sheets. Oops.)

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