10+ Times Celebrity Homes Were Broken Into

While you would think that security teams and high-tech cameras would ward burglars off celebrity homes, the opposite is true.

Whether they were being stalked, targeted by the infamous Bling Ring group, or just the unfortunate home of a random hit, celebs get robbed more often than you'd think.

Here are 10+ times celebrities homes were broken into.

1. Paris Hilton

The reality star has had everything from purses, bikinis to personal photos stolen over the past six break-ins.

“I have bad luck when it comes to thieves,” the reality star said in a now-deleted tweet.

2. P. Diddy

Sean Combs, better known as P. Diddy, had a rough start to 2021 when his Los Angeles home was broken into in January.

The burglar pried open a side door and entered his Toluca Lake home.

Luckily, the rapper's security alarm went off. This must have scared away the robbers, as no belongings were stolen.

The rapper had been absent from the home at the time.

This was actually the home that Diddy owned with his late love, Kim Porter.

3. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay is just one of many celebs who was targeted by a group of thieves called the Bling Ring. They were a group of teenagers who broke into several celebrities' homes.

Surveillance cameras captured the break-in in Lindsay's home and were able to link the teens to other robberies in the area.

4. Audrina Patridge

No stranger to drama, The Hills star shared on her blog in 2009 that she had been robbed.

"I had a really rough day today," she wrote in the post. "I got home late last night and realized that my house had been robbed. It was pretty devastating!"

5. Orlando Bloom

Reality TV star, Alexis Neiers, was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Since she was at the Pirates of the Caribbean actor's home when paintings and watches were stolen during a burglary, she was sentenced to six months in jail.

6. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Instagram | @brianaustingreen](https://www.instagram.com/p/CIZeZiUnNEk/)

Back when the couple was still together, they had their house broken into by the Bling Ring.

Green didn’t notice that his items were gone, though, until his handgun was retrieved in one of the suspect's houses.

7. Rachel Bilson

The O.C. star has a bad track record of being robbed by the Bling Ring. She’s been hit five times!

“It's important to detach from material things, but the special, personal things I lost are hard to forget,” she told Cosmopolitian.

Sadly, her mother's engagement ring was part of the gang's haul.

She also told the publication that she was against the movie that was made about robberies.

"I thought it was weird to glorify something that was so upsetting for a lot of people," she said.

8. Rihanna

The singer's Hollywood home was targeted twice by burglars within the span of a few months.

Eduardo Leon, the offender involved in one of the break-ins, spent a total of 12 hours inside until her assistant saw the man and called authorities.

9. Lucy Hale

A smashed window left the Pretty Little Liars star in shock as she discovered that her San Fernando Valley home had been robbed.

The thief continued on with their mission, even after Hale's high-tech alarms sounded.

The missing items, which mainly included jewelry and purses, were said to be valued at over $15,000.

Thankfully, the actress wasn't home at the time.

The crime was also said to be random and not part of a targeted hit.

10. Kelly Clarkson

The singer revealed quite the surprise when she was asked how she was doing during an ExtraTV interview with Renee Bargh.

She ended up sharing that her house was “bashed in” from a robbery the night before.

When talking about the stolen items, Kelly had a non-materialistic approach.

“Materialistic things we didn't care about, the guy was in our kid's room… so it was a little weird, other than that everyone is safe and good.”

11. Hilary Duff

While on vacation in Canada with her son Luca, Duff had her Los Angeles home broken into and burglarized.

Luckily, her representative said that the pets and home are safe and that Hilary planned to increase security.

12. Scott Disick

Like Hilary, Disick had his home broken into while he was on vacation.

Unlike Hilary, though, he reported a significant amount of stolen items. This included money and thousands of dollars of watches and jewelry.

13. Kendall Jenner

The model had to fire her security guard when he let a stranger walk into her $6.5 million during a party.

They ended up getting away with an estimated $200,000 worth of jewelry, a Rolex and a Cartier timepiece from Kendall’s bedroom.

14. Charlie Hunnam


The Sons of Anarchy star is just as protective of his turf off-screen as he is on.

During an appearance on Conan in 2013, he revealed that burglars tried to break into his house not once, but twice.

The first time, he used a baseball bat to ward them off.

“So we got business [expletive]” Hunnam yelled at the burglar. When the thief casually turned to leave, he yelled at them to run.

The second time, he armed himself with things like a machete knife. Takeaway: don't mess with Charlie!