Woman Shares Brilliant Storage Hacks She Uses In Her Own Tiny Apartment

I've had my share of living in small spaces. It's always so challenging. Where do you put all your stuff? How do you organize your space well? It seems to be an endless battle.

So when I saw this woman turn her 400-square-foot studio into a modern-living oasis, I was blown away. You've got to check out her brilliant space-saving hacks.

It's hard enough to organize a 700 square-foot apartment.

Do you feel me? But can you actually imagine living in a 400 square-foot space? That's exactly what Anju Abraham faced when she moved into her tiny studio in Washington, D.C.

Finding a suitable apartment in any big city that's also affordable is many young peoples' dream.

So, when Abraham found her current place, she knew she had to improvise to make it work. To say that she did that would be an understatement indeed.

Abraham implemented so many cool space-saving hacks I'm honestly very impressed.

For example, imagine having your bedroom, your office, and living room all in one space? To deal with that, she uses a divider to separate all three places when she needs some privacy.

She also makes sure that almost everything she buys for her small place comes with extra storage space.

If you can believe it she stores all her bed linen, blankets, and pillows underneath her bed. That is the best trick of the trade.

Since Abraham's apartment is pretty small, she had to find special pieces that would double as seating areas.

As you can see here, she's a huge fan of using trunks and ottomans as both function and pleasure. How cute are these?

Her bathroom was another space that was challenging to organize.

So she implemented a few smart storage solutions such as over-the-toilet storage and a cute hanging shelf. And, check out this over-the-door mirrored jewelry storage idea. Wow! Isn't that amazing?

As far as her office space is concerned, she used to have a wide desk.

Then she realized she didn't need it. Instead, she got this vertical one that fits her small surroundings much better. That's such a fantastic idea. Right?

The most impressive storage solution Abraham created in her small apartment was this roller shade.

It hides her whole wardrobe perfectly. I would never have thought of installing something like this. Isn't it absolutely brilliant or what. I love it.

I hope this clever and creative woman has given you some great ideas on how to organize your small space.

I have to admit I did learn a thing or two here. I'm going to take her tips and apply them to my current living situation.