McDonald's Customers Successfully Petitioned To Bring Back Hi-C Orange

It's finally happening. After years of bugging McDonald's incessantly, we won: they're bringing back HI-C Orange to its stores.

Very few things happen just because you ask for it over and over, so let's celebrate this win appropriately: with some HI-C.

McDonald's announced it in the funniest possible way.

They announced on Twitter that they were putting together the most '90s PowerPoint I've ever seen. This marketing is genius, you guys. It's the perfect level of insane.

Needless to say, the presentation succeeded.

McDonald's "announced" the drink would be returning by summer 2021, and politely asked that we all stop bugging them about it now. Put down the pitchforks, people. It's happening.

The news comes after years of customers asking the fast-food restaurant to bring back the popular drink, and going as far as launching a few petitions.

Of course, social media went wild over the news.

Few things bring joy in the middle of a pandemic, but McDonald's managed to do it. Those beautiful, fry-loving clowns actually did it. We can feel something again.

Time to get a hit of that good stuff.

If you want a sip or two, you can hit up McDonald's in an American location in the summer of 2021. Sorry, international HI-C fans. Keep bugging them about it!