Kristen Bell Responds To Claims That She And Dax Shepard 'Can't Stand Each Other'

No marriage is perfect, even the ones in Hollywood that might look it! While some people may try to put forward a perfect, happy-couple image all the especially on social media, it's clear that Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard are more interested in sharing the reality of married life, at least for them!

A fan recently commented on a story about a disagreement between Dax and Kristen, stating that it seemed like the couple didn't like each other very much.

“Every piece of news I see about them talks about how they just can’t [expletive] stand each other, constantly fight,” the commenter wrote. “Now, this dude is apparently objectifying her as well. Just what’s the point?"

Kristen saw the comment and responded with the same kind of blunt honesty we know and love from her!

“We adore each other," Kristen began.

"We just try to always be honest about how marriage or companionship in any form is hard sometimes,” Kristen went on. “You can’t always be in control, or right, and it’s important to us that we lead with honestly of your ‘perfect match’ being a myth."

"You gotta work hard to love yourself, and love other humans. Xo," Kristen finished.

What do you think? Do you agree with Kristen that always being honest about the reality of their relationship is the right move, or do you think they should keep more of their disagreements to themselves? Let us know in the comments below!