Someone Created An Epic 'Friends' Birthday Cake That Monica Would Definitely Approve Of

So, what did your birthday cake look like this year?

Something tells me it may not have been as iconic as this Friends-inspired cake, which used one of the show's best jokes to ring in a new year.

We all remember this moment.

It's truly one of the funniest moments in Friends, and only half of that is because you can totally see Jennifer Aniston trying not to laugh the entire time.

ANYWAY, if you know, you know, am I right?

Well, Noussaiba Ghecham decided to honor that moment for her birthday.

That is one of the most genius ways to use that meme that I've ever seen. Noussaiba also managed to make the iconic armchair from Central Perk, and the door knocker from Monica's door!

Her post quickly went viral.

(It actually went viral after a man stole her post and passed it off as his own, so we won't be giving him any clout.)

People absolutely loved the idea, and wanted to do it themselves!

Would you want a 'Friends'-themed birthday cake?

Not gonna lie, the genius of this one definitely has me wanting a Friends themed cake. Not for my birthday, but just in general. Everybody likes cake, right?

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