People Are Saying A Woman's She Shed Is Nicer Than Their Actual Homes

Remember when I told you about the whole "She Sheds" idea? Wasn't that fabulous? I would love to one day have one to call my own, if only I could find the space for it, ha, ha!

One woman on Facebook recently built one for herself, and you are never going to believe how gorgeous it looks. You have to see it ASAP!

Get a load of this adorable little farmhouse here.

Isn't it amazing or what? At least when you look at it from the outside. How did this lady build one? I have no idea. She has to have some skills. Right?

Let's have a peek inside.

OMG, there's a couch in there. I haven't even fully looked at it, but I already like what I see. What do you think so far? Isn't it inviting? I want to go in there, too.

What? I didn't expect it to look like this.

Did you? I mean, we're talking about the lap of luxury here. I can't get over the fact that there is a second floor in this tiny She Shed. What in the world?

Can you believe the fireplace in this space?

I've never seen one that looks prettier than this one. This whole place is so bright, clean, and spacious. It's bigger than some people's apartments — especially those in New York City.

They say ladies like their wine, and when you have a display like this, I believe it.

Who needs a dark and cold wine cellar when you can just keep your wine in a chic She Shed like this?

And if you weren't impressed so far, this staircase ought to do it for you.

I've always wanted a staircase in my house, but I never expected to see one in a shed. It is making me so envious.

Not only does the downstairs look amazing, but there's a cool area upstairs to chill in.

Judging by the look of this impressive She Shed, I wonder what this lady's actual house looks like, huh? I bet it's just as outstanding.

When people saw pictures of this shed, they literally lost their minds.

Some of them commented that this place is nicer than their actual houses. I've got to agree with them. This shed is definitely prettier than my current space.

Are you as gaga over this She Shed as much as I am?

I want to move into one ASAP, ha, ha. It's literally a lot nicer than my house, and I am not even kidding about that. I need this in my life.