Woman Rewrites Her Resume Highlighting Her 'Mom Skills' Instead Of Her Corporate Experience

We've all heard the expression, "Being a mom is a full-time job." In all honesty, being a parent at all is a job within itself. But, sometimes, when you're constantly running from here to there and raising tiny humans, you pick up skills that many employers look for when they're hiring employees.

Recently, one working mom decided to prove that point.

Sydney Williams, the global director of brand marketing at GE and a mom of two, decided to make a resume with all of the skills she's learned from being a mom.

The end product is extremely telling.

Unsplash | Markus Winkler

In fact, the way in which this resume came together, any employer would be fortunate and lucky to have Williams as an employee—just based off her skills from parenting!

In her "About Me" section, she showcases all the appealing skills she now has.

"I do everything you do, but I do it with one hand. Literally. I hold onto what’s important (hint: my baby) with all the strength I have in one hand, while juggling the 1MM daily tasks of life in the other. I ruthlessly prioritize. Every day, I grow stronger and more efficient as a result."

She said she, "Thinks 10 steps ahead."

Unsplash | Ross Sneddon

"I think 10 steps ahead. Each day is a 50+ piece Jenga puzzle that I manage with skill, strategy, and luck."

She maintains, "A positive headspace."

Unsplash | Viktor Forgacs

"I maintain positivity, while my patience is pushed to the limit. My team has meltdowns, emotions run high, new challenges arise daily. I lead with compassion, listen to debate, and encourage resolution through compromise."

She also highlighted that she knows how to adapt.

Unsplash | Markus Spiske

"I adapt. I take whatever life (or my two-year-old) throws at me and adapt to be the leader that’s needed—typically on little sleep, with little time. Past roles include but are not limited to: teacher, chef, nurse, barber, garbage woman, builder, driver, hostage negotiator, seamstress, engineer, translator, swim instructor, therapist, stylist."

She listed several other skills she now has, too.

Unsplash | Glenn Carstens-Peters

She said she leads with empathy, can fight ferociously on behalf of her team, can communicate powerfully and prolifically, prioritizes integrity and honesty, and is in a constant search for a better solution.

Not to mention, she values collaboration.

"Teamwork is key to my success. I forge and foster relationships between diverse groups of people in order to support, elevate and maintain life among my team (looking at you #MomsGroupChat)."

The reason, she shared this on LinkedIn is because so many moms are leaving the workforce right now.

Unsplash | Standsome Worklifestyle

“Something is fundamentally, catastrophically broken if we are letting this type of talent leave the workforce. Perhaps if we shift the way we evaluate, prioritize, develop and protect the skills we learn outside of the office, moms would have a fighting chance," she wrote.

It's great to see working moms share their stories in an effort to help other moms!