16+ Game Changing Ideas That We're Surprised Aren't Everywhere By Now

There's a market for everything. From the smallest of ideas and details to the largest of innovations, whoever is behind it will be hailed as a genius by at least one person.

And that's what this list is all about, celebrating these game-changing ideas that we're surprised aren't everywhere by now.

"I got a warning for leaving my laptop unattended in the library."

Perhaps I'm just a paranoiac but if you leave expensive items in any public setting, you're entirely too trusting.

"A local nature center uses old CDs to make their trail markers."

I believe CDs will have their retro-cool comeback like vinyl is having right now, but until then, it's good they're being recycled!

"Lost the straw to my WD-40. Attached a new one from the Capri Sun of my son."

From the taste to the utility to the sheer child-like joy of drinking one, Capri Sun is priceless.

"I was given a sack of potatoes at a French Burger King drive in."

Finally, my years of French lessons are paying off.

Basically, it says that a lot of farmers are experiencing a decrease in sales due to COVID, so Burger King is buying an excess of potatoes and giving away the ones they aren't using for fries. So, sweet, free potatoes!

"Local butcher shop’s door handles look like butcher [knives]."

According to someone in the comments, they don't just look like knives, "They are actual knives that have had their edge ground off and welded to some plate steel. [...] The amount of time it would take to make imitation knives would cost more than those actual knives would cost."

"Bathroom stall door has sandals as hinges."

So this one is a game-changing idea, but in a bad way. Judging by the sandal hinges mixed with how wide the gap is, I've never trusted a bathroom less.

"The radiology waiting room in local hospital has the usual naff floral decor, except... they’re x-rays."

This will be the next big DIY craze. How will people do x-rays at home? No idea, but they'll manage.

"My work rented a ski ball machine to host a tournament for their employees."

You can rent ski ball machines? I can bring an arcade to me? Why am I just now learning about this?

"Aldi made a mural as advertising/billboard substitution in my city."

If more advertisements were like this, maybe they'd seem less annoying.

"This vending machine sells cans of face masks."

It also sells blood orange...soda? Anything with a blood orange flavor must be fancy.

"My workplace has installed copper-coated door handles for germ control."

Wait, this has been an option? Door handles have been gross forever but we could have had this the whole time?

"A bridge so the tree can cross the water."

Polite for the tree and makes a beautiful little scene for whoever walks by, everyone wins!

"Positively reinforced no touching sign."

Positive reinforcement is far more powerful than people give it credit for. I don't even know what's going on here and I felt proud of myself for not touching it.

"This supermarket has a 'green food' box that people can take for their turtles and rabbits to eat."

My partner makes salads for their lizard and there's a certain joy that comes from making a nice healthy meal for a tiny animal that lives in your home.

"The Toronto Zoo sells notebooks made from poop. 100% recycled and odorless!"

I grew up near Toronto and have been to this zoo many times. Every time I went, I wanted this stuff and my parents would never get it for me.

I bet they feel silly now that it's gotten some minor popularity on the internet.

"This restroom I visited has 'electro chromic glass,' which is transparent when unlocked and turns matte when locked."

The comfort of not needing to knock to see if it's occupied versus the fear of it malfunctioning while in use, fight.

"This property’s advertising board is designed like a Monopoly property card."

You'll either get casual Monopoly knowers who think this is neat, or avid Monopoly fans who get mad that they chose the wrong color. Either way, you're garnering attention!

"My Workplace Seperates Smoker's Jackets and Non Smoker's Jackets to keep the smell from spreading."

Because of the angle, I did think the signs were about the paper cones and was very confused for a while.

"No headlights? No problem."

And somehow they'd still be less annoying than those cars with the bright as hell LED headlights.

"These little dots on the stairrail of our library that indicates which floor you reached walking up the stairs."

So you can know what floor you're on while you stare down at your feet in shame of how out of shape you are.

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