13+ People Who Really Need To Think Things Through

There are some people out there who don't like to plan out things, instead preferring to rush at a problem without consideration and solve it in the most slap-dash way possible.

So, from people making the most depressingly grim umbrellas out of whatever they have to hand to the most insensitive knife advert placement of all time, here are 14+ people who really need to think things through!

Immaculate Work...

I mean, they've managed to make this strategy of putting the bricks wherever they damn want work surprisingly well. Ah, who am I kidding, it looks abysmal!

"PSA in Dunedin, New Zealand."

People in the city like to think of living on a farm as this idyllic, clean-aired, serene existence, but there is also a lot of animal poop to contend with!

"I don't know what's better, the post itself or the fact they censored the dog's identity."

This person just wants to avoid their dog getting embarrassed on the off-chance that someone thinks that it was the dog who was behind this idiocy!

"No umbrella? No problem!"

I know that is is quite hard to make out his facial expression through the rain-soaked advert glass he is hiding underneath, but it is pretty clear that this guy is currently experiencing an existential crisis.

"There was an attempt to recreate an iconic image..."

Look, if seagulls see an opportunity to ruin a moment, then they will absolutely take that opportunity! This couple should absolutely have seen this seagull coming...literally.

"This is pure art..."

Apparently, if you open that door within a door then there will be an even smaller door, and when you open that smaller door there will be a tiny man flipping you off. He's a very rude and angry little man, best leave him alone.

"Yes, Nevv York is my favourite city."

Who are the people who buy this stuff? I have never known anyone to buy this gift shop kind of stuff and yet people must make a living off selling it...who's buying it all?!

"Well. He's not wrong..."

Everyone knows that it is too expensive at Disney Land, but that's not gonna stop people going! Now, shut up moaning about it and buy a massively overpriced beer!

"I'm sure he'll be happy with this gift."

Christ alive, that advert placement is one of the worst placements of all time. This has to be an accident, otherwise Epicure knives are really cutthroat when it comes to business strategy.

"10lb bag of Mice."

I didn't realise that McDonald's were selling mice now. Although, I always thought that their McNuggets were secretly rats so it's not too big of a jump for my imagination.

"She ain't going nowhere!"

Sometimes you just have to work with what you've got to hand. That dirt ought to respect the wishes of that strap though, if it's honorable dirt that is. I hate dishonest dirt, disgraceful stuff.

"Cut your teeth kids!"

I cannot even allow my brain to imagine a situation where a pair of nail clippers could be used to help with oral hygiene as I think I will be sick if I do!

"It's supposed to be short for 'sweet...'"

Of course it reads "swt" I don't know how anyone could possibly read anything else in this, and anyone who does should wash their mind out!

"Used to work at a daycare. I told a student her zombie needed to wear pants..."

Just because you told a kid that their zombie had to have pants doesn't mean they can't draw a but and flappy pants! You've got to be specific when it comes to talking to kids!

"Removing one blade will definitely make the fan work..."

You have to almost admire the level of idiocy required for someone to even attempt this "fix."

"OK, it's repaired."

I am starting to feel seasick just be imagining being sat on this chair. This must be popular amongst retired sailors who yearn for the sway of the ocean.

"My wife isn't great at measurements and ordered a 28" pizza for the two of us."

As far as problems go, this is one of the better problems to encounter. The only thing I would know to fix this problem is to order another 28 inch pizza and then you don't have to share, problem solved!

"I mean, come on..."

This is so Orwellian it hurts. Dance as as though no one is watching you, although in reality someone is always watching you.

"This old roof makes me nervous, despite the 'fix.'"

Yeah, that does not seem in any way secure enough to be holding that chimney up! I can imagine that the person who lives in this house must be constantly waiting for the crash of this coming through the ceiling!

Be The... What?

Ironically, it is too late to change this statement. Always make sure that you plan your changes in advance!