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16 People Who Beat The System

If you don't agree with the rules, sometimes you have to get creative and take matters into your own hands, just like these folks did. If you're searching for some inspiration to start thinking out of the box, take a look at these free thinkers who managed to find and exploit loopholes.

1. Technically he's just following the rules. Kids like this are why I have hope for the future. He's going to be the next Bill Gates or Elon Musk, I just know it.

Imgur | OctopussSevenTwo

2. Trying to find parking in a busy city can be an absolute nightmare, unless of course you drive a motorcycle and are able to find a loophole like this guy did.

Reddit | megaleks

3. Just look at the expression on this dog's face. He's so happy to finally be welcomed somewhere! Even if it means he had to sit on a word to change the meaning.

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4. This is beating the system James Bond style. Hopefully the camera is able to record audio, otherwise he's going to be in huge trouble when his dad comes home because of the party he's about to throw.

Twitter | @KevinMieles11

5. It's a little hard to read, but this stand isn't allowed to sell drinks at a festival. So instead they got creative by selling peanuts for a dollar that each come with a complimentary bottle of water.

Reddit | mic_harmony

6. Something tells me that Denise is going to do just fine in life. She's already mastered the art of avoiding advances from creepy boys. That's a very valuable skill to have.

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7. This is great. One, because now they comply with the law and won't be getting in trouble. Two, because someone is eventually going to be really, really hungry and spend $200 on nachos.

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8. I think this person has a future career in marketing. Anything can be considered healthy if you use the right language and convince yourself of it! If your brain believes it, your body will too.

Instagram | @unilad

9. I think I'm going to have to start using this technique when I'm running late and can't find parking. Although if you get caught, I'm sure the fine would be much higher than a normal parking ticket would be.

Twitter | @itssteejay

10. I wish this trick worked at more places than just at restaurants. Because if it did, I would be doing fake proposals at car dealerships, jewelry stores, and the bank.

Twitter | @bathmeinnudes

11. Technically this person did exactly what they were told. Next time, management will probably want to be a little more specific about what they want to the sign to say.

Reddit | Jehova-theWitness

12. I'm definitely not an advocate for being dishonest in a relationship, but you have to admit, this is pretty good. Hopefully she doesn't show up to his house to surprise him.

Twitter | @jaygreatorex

13. Kids these days are getting too clever for their own good. Back in my day, I would just sneak out knowing that I'd be caught and accept the punishment later.

Twitter | @befvn

14. I wonder what costs more: buying a new tire, or just paying the fine to get the boot removed. Either way, this guy is a genius who doesn't have time to mess around with the legal way of doing things.

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15. He's not the hero we deserve, but he's the hero we all need. I would love to see someone try to tell him to stop riding and him smugly pointing to the sign. 

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16. This guy got into an exclusive party, simply by wearing an old receipt as a wristband. Clearly whoever was in charge of security wasn't doing a very good job of checking credentials. 

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