Quotes For People Who Aren't Exactly Go-Getters

It's true, most of us are guilty of waiting just a little too long to get things done, whether it's completing some much-needed errands or cleaning the disastrous looking kitchen.

We all procrastinate on something or another from time to time. So, when we share these quotes that basically represent the epitome of procrastination, we think that they're definitely going to hit home.

1. Social media is a wormhole.

While many of us are generally curious about the goings on of all of our social media apps, and even enjoy watching a few adorable corgi videos on YouTube, sometimes scrolling becomes a deep dive into procrastination.

What starts as an innocent look into TikTok can turn into hours of videos watched, and zero daily responsibilities performed.

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2. It's a little too late to call ourselves late starters.

A lot of people tell themselves that next week they'll start improving their time management or the next day, they'll finally do what they've been putting off.

However, by not making immediate change, we ultimately just procrastinate about procrastinating. While it may seem like a clear no-no, we still do it more often than we may realize.

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3. Sometimes we just do things halfway.

Some of us have piles of clothes that are supposed to eventually be donated or closets that we've really been meaning to finish organizing.

There's an invisible list of things we know we needed to do, that we see we need to do, but somehow, we just never get done.

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4. Procrastinating can turn into a risky game of playing chicken with your gas tank.


Will I run out of gas on my way home from work or will the few remaining fumes manage to carry me all the way across the city like an armed escort? I guess we're going to find out!

Let us know in the comments if any of these quotes hit home for you and what you think of the cycle of procrastination.

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5. The perfect way to start your day.


After this, you'll usually find me standing in the kitchen waiting for my coffee to dribble out of the machine while also thinking about how tired I am.

And then later I'll be somewhere else in my house, probably yawning, and most definitely still thinking about how tired I am.

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