Quotes About Getting Older That Have Us Saying 'So True'

There's a point for many of us when all we want is to get carded, and suddenly Saturday nights spent watching House Hunters are all the rage.

We've compiled some very relatable quotes about getting older that fit many people to a T. It's an honor to collect experiences and grow into a stronger and wiser person.

If only all the perks came with fewer wrinkles.

There's looking good, and then there's looking good for your age.

For the most part, getting older is a pretty cool experience. We've had the time to learn more, build careers and even do some traveling.

However, the compliments can be a bit more than lacking in flattery when people feel the need to comment on our...let's say, seasoned looks.

There's no going back to those old party days.

There are many of us who remember our college party days filled with all-nighters and drunken stupors.

Now it's more like going out for brunch and then finishing the evening with a nice glass of wine.

Life is too short to dress up for the supermarket.

When we're young, it's all about full-face makeup and dressing to impress. However, as you get older, people are lucky if you even put on a bra to attend a dinner party.

We basically become our parents.

Once upon a time, we wondered why parents got so excited about home decor and The Price is Right, and then grew up loving the very same things.

It's all about plugging in the latest vacuum and ordering a new set of china now.

Let us know if any of these quotes resonate with you in the comments.

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