People Online Are Praising Nike's Inclusive Slip-On Sneaker Design

Something very cool is coming to Nike.

Most of us take for granted that we can go about our days without devoting time to small tasks like getting dressed or slipping on our shoes. However, for people with disabilities, those small tasks can become small obstacles in an already inaccessible world.

Nike is seeking to make things a little easier with their new shoe, the GO FlyEase. And it is too cool to miss!

Adaptive clothing has largely gone unexplored by major brands — until recently.

More and more brands have begun to explore the neglected area of adaptive clothing, which is designed for easy try-on and removal. Now, companies like Nike are getting in on the game.

Meet the GO FlyEase sneakers.

"We talk a lot about universal design and what universal design does when it creates an invitation for every and any athlete," Chief Design Officer John Hoke told Fast Company.

The FlyEase line was inspired by teen Matthew Walzer.

Matthew wrote a letter to Nike in 2015, noting that he was nervous to go to college because his cerebral palsy made tying his shoes incredibly difficult.

Nike reached out and asked Matthew to work on a design with them!

The FlyEase shoes continued to evolve, culminating in the GO model.

According to Fast Company, who broke the news of the GO FlyEase release, the shoes have a hinge that allows the shoe to prop itself up and snap back down as you step into it.

People absolutely love the design.

It's been a huge hit on social media, where people have been celebrating how inclusive and thoughtful the design is. It's a huge step forward for adaptive design.

They immediately recognized how great the shoes would be for people with disabilities.

Being able to toe off your shoes and then slip them back on without ever having to use your hands is key to accessibility and inclusiveness when it comes to design.

They're so well-designed that everyone wants a pair.

The news release and tweets about the shoes were chock full of people saying how cool they thought the design was, and that they wanted a pair for themselves!

It's seriously the perfect shoe.

Not only does this benefit people with disabilities, it also helps the people who assist them. And it gives agency back to those who would usually have to ask for help with their shoes!

Some people likened them to a certain iconic pair of pop culture shoes.

I mean, Chris here is right — the FlyEase shoes are pretty damn close to the Nikes Marty McFly rocked in Back to the Future: Part II. Those self-lacing sneakers live in my head rent-free.

People happily shared how much the shoes would change their lives.

The shoes would be a game-changer for people with mobility issues, especially those who struggle to do up laces or even Velcro. These shoes will bring fashion to the accessibility game.

The shoes are already a success.

Their popularity is already astronomical, thanks to their futuristic design and disability-friendly technology. It's not hard to imagine them selling out pretty damn quickly.

However, some people have pointed out that Nike's marketing has missed the mark.

By failing to acknowledge the inspiration for the original FlyEase shoes, use the word "disability," or speak about people with disabilities in any way, Nike caught some valid criticism.

They're dropping February 15.

To get your hands on a pair, you'll need $120 and some fast fingers — sneakers are a hot topic these days, and they sell quickly. I'm eyeing those white ones, tbh!

Are you going to try and cop a pair?

Even though I'd totally rock these, I think I'll leave some for the people they're designed for — people with disabilities! Here's hoping Nike expands the launch and makes them a staple in their lineup.

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