Garbage Truck Driver Rescues Puppy From Discarded Backpack And Adopts Her

There are courageous people out there who see someone in need or something that needs to done, and defy odds to help.

One garbage truck driver came across an unexpected sight, and he made a decision that would make a big difference for a puppy in need.

It's everyday heroes like this that truly inspire us.

It started as an ordinary day.

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According to a press release, Aaron Kinsel, a Rumpke Waste & Recycling truck driver in Colerain Township, just outside Cincinnati, was going through his usual route of the day when he discovered an abandoned backpack in the road.

He couldn't believe what was in the backpack.

He found a 10-month old puppy that had been abandoned, and sadly wasn't in very good shape at all. The pup was severely dehydrated and had a broken leg.

Kinsel could quickly see that she was scared and all alone. To make matters worse, he realized that the puppy may need her leg amputated, or possibly have surgery to help with limping.

He went above and beyond for the puppy in need.

Kinsel decided that he would pay for all of the boxer-mix's medical expenses, but that's not all he was going to do for this puppy in need. He and his family made the joyful choice to adopt her.

Kinsel named her Tipper, after the mechanism of the garbage truck that helps him do his job.

Unfortunately, Tipper ultimately needed to have her injured leg amputated.

In a recent Facebook post from Kinsel's company, they explained that the surgery went well and the little pup is currently recovering at the vet's office.

They added, "Aaron’s family is excited to get her home, which will hopefully happen next week."

h/t: Rumpke Waste & Recycling

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