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Teacher Creates Stunning Classroom Door To Honor Black History Month

Black History Month is a crucial month for teachers and students. It's a special reminder to address the history and future of Black students, as well as educate all students about what it means to be Black.

Hollie Tibbs decided to honor the month by turning her classroom door into a colorful portrait, and the results are incredible.

The door is truly a masterpiece.

Hollie decided to turn her door into the portrait of a Black woman with natural hair made from black construction paper! The bottom features a collage of Black women in history!

The artist who inspired the door is Andrea Stevens.

Andrea is a quilling artist who creates portraits of Black women using coiled strips of paper to represent their natural hair.

For Hollie's classroom door, she took inspiration from Andrea's work and even added real fabric to create the patterned headwrap! The attention to detail is amazing.

Hollie's door wound up going viral.

People contacted Hollie for an interview about her viral door.

"I wanted to create a door that represented the African American women that work in the class with me," she told them.

Having such a visible door was important to her as a teacher.

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"I work with children with disabilities so the door needed to be a visual statement for them as a presentation of who they are as well."

She definitely achieved her goal!