Audrey Roloff Is Getting Dragged For Letting Her Son Eat Glitter

Hey, I don't know if you guys knew this but being a parent is hard work. It's even more hard work when you're a public figure and chose to share some parenting moments on social media because newsflash people LOVE to mom-shame on Instagram!

Now, Audrey Roloff is the latest TLC star to get called out on social media for letting her son eat glitter.

Audrey Roloff is best known for being the wife of Jeremy Roloff from the hit TLC series *Little People, Big World.*

The series follows the Roloff family and their dynamic intrapersonal relationships while running their family farm.

However, Audrey has become an influencer in her own right.

The 29-year-old has amassed over 1 million Instagram followers. Fans love her parenting content and her ability to be authentic online.

However, this authenticity recently landed Audrey in some hot water.

Posting a video of her young son Bode helping her make Valentine's Day crafts, the toddler can be seen licking glitter off his hands.

In the clip, Audrey showed how her 1-year-old had climbed out of his high chair to get onto the table.

People on Reddit immediately began calling out the young mom.

"Tbh I feel like she WANTS to be called out at this point. Engagement is engagement," wrote one user.

"damn. That would be one of those moments you sprint to the kid, look them over, and thank GOD they didn’t get hurt," remarked another.

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