16+ Cool Secrets Someone Just Stumbled Upon

Did you ever play iSpy or Where's Waldo as a kid? Even now, hidden object and spot the difference games?

Well, I didn't, which seems to have really hindered me as I'm terrible at spotting details. Thankfully, there are tons of people online who can do it instead, and post their findings for us to marvel at!

"My periodic table shower curtain has the element of surprise on it."

This is definitely cute, but the shower is the last place you should be wanting any sort of surprise.

"The instructions for this Da Vinci Catapult suggest getting a healthy snack."

This is just good life advice. Every situation can be improved by a snack.

"Shoutout to the installers."

Fake it 'til you make it, even after you've already made it and are doing the work you were faking it for.

"Sign posts don’t last long at this intersection."

Either there are a lot of accidents here, or people just really hate this sign.

"Popcorn bag notes [...]."

Someone got real tired of 'um, actually' calls about the size of the popcorn pictures.

"A person or group of people balanced rocks on these metal decorations."

A nice reminder that no matter who you are or what you're doing, there's always someone with more free time than you.

"Was putting new batteries in my mod and found this. Pretty uplifting little find."

Why am I feeling more support from these batteries than any therapist I've ever had?

"Kelloggs has ripped-off [its] own cereal."

Kelloggs cornering the choco-puff cereal market feels like something I wasn't supposed to see.

"Fake dollars being transported in Cambodia."

Wait, scratch that last one, this feels like something I really wasn't supposed to see.

"1950s Tie gives you fashion advice."

Screw you, tie, you can't tell me what to do! I'll wear that with my oddly specific neon green suit and you can't stop me!

"[The Apple] store near [Taipei] 101 looks like a mac from aerial view."

But does it work like one? Only one way to find out, time to open that roof.

"A [Neolithic] tomb."

That looks tiny, dark, and definitely cursed, what could go wrong?

"Just noticed that the 'burnout' design on the sour patch box is made from miniature sour patch kids."

The level of detail some package designers use will never cease to amaze me.

"I found an old movie ticket from the 1950s in between the walls of my house."

A 13-year-old with that nice of a signature? Cool, I'm now even more self-conscious about my penmanship.

"The new Australian $50 note has a spelling mistake in the small print."

As many pointed out, this might be a feature to be able to identify counterfeit notes, but what were you doing looking at the small print anyway?

"At a coffee shop I am at with my mom and grandfather they have facts on the table numbers."

Really? Only 12? I don't know why I expected it to be more, but maybe school just sensationalized it a lot.

"The book binding on My daughter’s Bible broke revealing a hidden Jesus."

I was going to say 'it's always where you least expect', but in the Bible would be the most expected place to find Jesus.

"[The] supermarket in my area has used 'Catsup' instead of 'Ketchup'."

Can we all go back to using catsup? It's cuter. No, I don't know how, it just is.

"Looked out of my hotel this morning to notice most of the windows and relieves are painted in the building next door."

There is something very unsettling about that. Are you sure anyone actually occupies that building?

"Artax in the concrete."

The tiniest detail can make the biggest emotional impact! If I saw this, I'd be in tears immediately.

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