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5-Year-Old Boy Dresses Up As Viral Bernie Sanders Meme For 100th Day Of School

If there's one thing from President Joe Biden's inauguration day that everyone from every side can agree on, it's that Bernie Sanders inexplicably and unintentionally stole the entire show.

With his knit mittens, crossed legs, and universally relatable laid-back position, the photograph of the senator observing the day's events from behind his signature glasses and a slightly askew face mask became an instant viral hit, and a meme that quickly blew up everywhere.

Seriously, if you've spent any time on the internet since January 21, you know it's simply something you cannot avoid.

We've been overwhelmed with images of Sanders photoshopped into places where he either doesn't or seemingly does appear to belong. We've also seen crochet dolls of him sitting at the inauguration that would ultimately sell for more than $20,000 on eBay, believe it or not.

Heck, even the mittens he wore that day went viral. Sanders recently revealed that the woman who made the famous mitts, Vermont schoolteacher Jen Ellis, has been overwhelmed with commission requests.

Sanders himself has been quite good-natured when it comes to his unexpected viral fame, and has even put it to good use.

His campaign has recently begun offering some new merchandise featuring the photo, which they're selling on his official website for charity.

At $45 a pop, each penny made from sweater sales goes directly toward supporting Meals on Wheels Vermont.

Recently, a five-year-old boy from North Carolina embraced his inner Bernie to celebrate a milestone in the school year.

Donning the senator's headline-making inauguration day outfit, right down to the snazzy mittens, Harrison Streetman showed up at Pinebrook Elementary, ready to celebrate the 100th day of school right.

In an interview with FOX 29, Harrison confirmed he definitely knows who Sanders is, and added that it "felt good" to dress up as the politician.

As for how Sanders relates to the 100th-day celebrations... Well, that's a bit of a funny story.

"His teacher encouraged them [students] to dress up as 100-year-old people, and so, then the idea of just dressing up as an old person was kind of going through our heads," Harrison’s mother, Amanda, said. "And the ‘Bernie meme’ was so popular."

It should be noted that Sanders is only 79, but perhaps Harrison was aiming more for being topical, rather than on theme.

At any rate, no one can deny that just like the real Sanders, Harrison was definitely looking cozy and comfortable for his school's 100th day celebrations!

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