New Mom Says She Applies Colostrum To Her Face As Part Of Her Beauty Routine

There are many trends in the beauty industry that leave us second-guessing whether they work or not. Sometimes, people use different products on their face that we're not 100% sure of. However, when you see the results, we can't help but be intrigued to try some of them out ourselves.

Many women swear that breastmilk has more than one use.

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While normally breastmilk is used to feed and nourish our little ones, there are many other uses for breastmilk that new moms swear by.

Breastmilk can be used in several different ways, aside from just feeding a baby.

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Breastmilk has a ton of uses beyond just feeding, like to treat eczema, insect bites, eye discharge, and even some rashes.

Apparently, you can also use breastmilk as part of your daily skin care routine, too.

While you may be skeptical, one London-based mom is showcasing that breastmilk can be used to help keep your skin glowing and wrinkle-free.

Si-Si Shoffman, a skin and aesthetics trainer on Instagram, shared that she uses "colostrum" on her face.

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For those who are unsure, colostrum is a breast fluid produced during pregnancy and right after a baby is born, before a mother begins producing breastmilk.

It’s very nutritious and contains high levels of antibodies, which are proteins that fight infections and bacteria.

Shoffman says there are tons of benefits that colostrum comes with.

In an Instagram post, she writes:

"It’s magically anti-inflammatory.

It stimulates the production of normal healthy skin bacteria, which will fight any problematic bacteria (almost like your own natural probiotic)."

She adds it can also help hormone imbalances.

"It can topically help any hormonal imbalances when applied on the skin.

It naturally contains growth factors which essentially make the skin regenerate meaning it’s anti-aging," she added.

While she says that some may think this skin care routine is crazy, there are benefits to it.

She encouraged moms to use this "self-made magic" on their faces as soon as possible so get that beautiful, healthy glow.

Many on Instagram thought it's worth a try.

Many said they were shocked and unaware that it can be used on the skin — some said they'd keep in mind when "the time comes."

One Instagram user made a great point!

One Instagram user said, "Why not use it if you're willing to feed it to your baby, right?" and honestly, she's 100% right!

While there is no evidence that human colostrum has any skincare benefits, bovine colostrum (AKA colostrum from a cow) has been an ingredient in many skin care products for years now.

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