16+ Hilarious Moments That Were Almost Too Perfect

There are some moments that we encounter in our lives that are so perfect that we can't help but laugh our asses off at them.

From the moment a sibling first realizes how annoying their little brother or sister is, to someone thinking Johnny Galecki is stealing their car, here are 15+ hilarious moments that were almost too perfect!

"The moment my eldest met her new baby sister."

That is an emotion that I think a lot of older siblings hold toward their younger siblings for the first few years of their life, perfectly captured.

"The head just fits perfectly."

Is this a part of the vegan Barbie range? It's the toy all kids want and it's good for the environment!

"A perfect business model for both businesses!"

It is the perfect cycle for both of these businesses. The delicious problem and the easy solution working in perfect unison!

"Ah yes, parenting..."

If being a parent doesn't mean that you have an automatic right to shove your kid down the barrel of a cannon, then I don't see why people bother becoming parents quite frankly.

"The Perfect Duo!"

Their trademark technique is to distract the other players by reminding them of how much they wish they were eating french fries. I mean, who doesn't start thinking of french fries when they read the words french fries?

"I always assumed they were perfect spellers."

"So, did you not see anything wrong with the sign out front?"

"Nope, looked great to me!"

"Perfect, I think we might have a repeat customer in you!"

"These random shots perfectly captured the contrasting personalities of my children."

I think that these two pictures capture the two polar personalities of pretty much everyone. Which one are you out of the two?

"If birds had social media..."

This bird already has a more professional-looking profile photo for its hypothetical LinkedIn page than I do.

"Perfect timing!"

This guy always has his eye on the ball. But, that's mainly because he lacks the ability to blink, it's a terrible affliction actually.

"Went to take a picture of the rainbow and lightning struck at the exact same time."

Jesus on that dashboard looks like he is saying, "See, a bloody miracle, damn it, and to think that you really doubted my power. Now, stop at the next McDonald's drive-thru or I'll smite you down."

"When you're working from home and you hit video instead of audio."

These are problems that a lot of people have faced over the last year. One other person also added, "I joined an early morning video call with my office team last week. No time for [trousers]. No need anyway, they can only see my face. UNLESS I stand up and run across the room to get a drink of water half way though the meeting. Idiot."

"My wife looked out of our living room window and saw this...TV screen reflection lined up perfectly with her car."

I think that anyone would be rightfully terrified if they looked out of their window and saw a grinning Johnny Galecki stealing their car!

Drove by an apartment I lived in around 1994 for the nostalgia. Was not expecting whatever is going on here..."

It can be very refreshing to have a glimpse into another family's life every now and again, if only to realize that other people's lives are as weird as your own!

"Future me is gonna have a heart attack when he opens up the attic."

Nothing like setting up a prank for your future self. Nobody wins, and you'll likely kill yourself with shock, but still...the look on your own face will be bloody priceless!

"It is destiny..."

For some people, their lives are inadvertently planned out before they are even born...and such was the case for Andrew Drinkwater.

"Wild buses drinking water."

I love how the bus on the far left of the pack is staying alert, on the lookout for predators.

"Social distancing drinking games in the wild."

Modern problems require modern drinking game solutions. You've got to admire people's ingenuity when it comes to keeping the institution of the drinking game culture alive!

A Proud Deer!

Good to see that LGBTQ+ rights are now prominent enough in the forest for woodland creatures to feel able to be themselves! About damn time.

"The perfect ambulance number plate doesn't exi..."

"Well, yes, of course I am, otherwise I wouldn't need your help!"

"Sir, please calm down."

"No! I refuse to take sarcasm from a bloody van!"

"Found an Escapee!"

I know that McDonald's is trying to go to more and more lengths to show that they use fresh ingredients but this is ridiculous.

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