Nashville Cantina Creates Hilarious Signs That Say What We're All Thinking

What's a cantina to do when it's closed during a global pandemic?

Go viral on Instagram, of course.

Rosepepper Cantina in Nashville, Tennessee sure knows how to get some attention, even when closed. That's thanks to their iconic, attitude-filled sign that they change frequently and post on social media. They're better at keeping up with trends than I am, guys.

Okay, tea.

"Please don't make me go hiking, I've done nothing wrong."

This is truly one of those things I've said to my partner this past week. Spring is coming, and so is hiking season. Help.

This one is on-brand for them.

I mean, they have to put up a few alcohol related signs. This one perfectly describes how tequila makes me feel, but boy does it leave out the part where my throat burns like a mother.

All hail Queen Shania.

"Man, when Shania Twain says, 'Let's go girls,' I could kick a door down."

It's the same feeling you get after leaving a movie theater, am I right? Pure. Adrenaline.

I could be asleep right now!

"Life is just a series of obstacles preventing you from taking a nap."

I could go on and on about being a connoisseur of naps, but I'm guessing we all feel the same way about being blissfully unconscious.

This had me on the FLOOR.

"These can't be the same men Dolly begged Jolene not to take."

I would love to have this cross-stitched on a hoop and hung in my house, thanks so much.

Gamers deserved this tbh.

"PS5 this, PS5 that. Go get a bed frame."

I mean... hashtag not all gamers, but perhaps some gamers. Am I right, lords, ladies, and non-binary royalty?

Points were made.

"I don't know who needs to hear this, but tequila is vegan."

Okay, so this is not only news to me, but something for vegans to consider. Guys, are y'all on board with adding this to your diet? Let me know.


"Y'all even ask cauliflower if they wanna be all these things?"

I love cauliflower, I truly do. I think it's delicious. But if I see it turned into one more weird food, I will scream. (Cauliflower pizza crust was my limit, in case you're wondering.)

That's the spirit!

"2022 gonna be our year for sure!"

I like that we as a society have just written off 2020 and the rest of 2021. See y'all next year. Wear your masks!