TikTok User Spills 'Selfie Secrets' From Online Influencers

Have you ever been intimated by all those perfect online photos from influencers? I have to admit, I have.

How do they always manage to find all those perfect mirrors to take their selfies? It must be a trick. Am I right? Well, as it turns out, it is. Oh, the shocker! And this TikTok user spills the beans on how you can take these flawless photos, too.

Kara Del Toro is a model, so she knows a thing or two about taking a perfect photo.

But now she's letting us all in on a little "dirty" secret that influencers are using to create all their fabulous online pictures.

Do you ever wonder why these influencers always seem to have mirrors to pose in front of?

And their pictures come out looking all clean and spotless? Well, wait for it — they're not using any mirrors at all.

OMG, what? Are you telling me that those mirror selfies aren't mirror selfies at all?

Oh, yes! That's exactly right. These influencers and bloggers use a little trick to get these amazing shots. Do you want to know what it is?

The trick is a tripod. Ta-da!

They put their phone on a tripod and use a second phone as a prop. And voilà — that's how you create a pretty picture in front of any background you like. It's kind of sneaky, huh?

Now you can get that perfect shot every time.

And, no need to look for any mirrors around your house, ha, ha!

I've got to admit, should have thought of that. I mean, it makes perfect sense, no? I'm so happy she told us about this one.

She also has some other useful tips when it comes to posing for photos.

If you ever feel awkward just standing there, she's got some cool tips for you. For example, just play with your hair, and you'll look natural, hee, hee.

Whenever you don't know what to do with your hands, you can cross your arms and voilà — a cute pose!

Haven't you seen a lot of pictures like these? Now, you too can look like a model if you want to.

Here's another good one — just pretend that you're fixing your sleeve.

This pose looks both natural and sexy at the same time. I'm going to use that one soon, ha, ha! What about you. Do you like that suggestion?

Isn't it so cool when you find out all these tips and tricks online influencers use these days?

I mean, now their pictures don't seem so unattainable. Are you with me on this? Do you find these tips helpful at all?