16+ Wild Surprises That Left People Seriously Startled

A surprise, even a happy surprise, can be enough to rattle you. Now, it isn't that these surprises are happy or unhappy, they're just unexpected and weird.

If you get a little startled, just think of the poor photographers.

Toothpaste tendrils.

This is a freshly-opened tube of toothpaste. I have no idea why the toothpaste appears to be sprouting like this.

Nice decor.

Reddit | skillspaybills

I appreciate the effort here but no matter how many ways you might try to dress up an old toilet, it's still an old toilet.

Don't lose your head now.

Reddit | martyj310

I have so many questions here, most of them along the lines of, "Hey, what's the deal with the giant stone head in your backyard?"

Rest in peace.

Reddit | vyt33

Apparently this is somewhat of a thing in Russian cemeteries: gigantic tombstones with a life-sized portrait of the deceased.

Don't go over there.

Reddit | Spooky-213

On one hand, the photographer was probably happy to be some distance from this conflagration. On the other hand, that's straight-up terrifying.

Hands on.

Reddit | Giulio1207

This is clearly a prank road sign. There's no way this ominous passage is full of the grasping hands of the undead...right?

Hear the woods.

Reddit | GallowBoob

This is a weird thing to stumble across in the woods, but its purpose is delightful: It's designed to amplify the sounds of the forest.

No thanks.

Reddit | UbePhaeri

I get that manicurists might need a way to practice their craft, but I wouldn't want this creepy disembodied hand anywhere near me.

Room for one more.

Reddit | quince6

I had no idea the bald eagle made such a large nest. This is the same size as studio apartments in a crowded city.

*Borat* flashbacks.


It doesn't matter how many times we've seen the Borat movie, because nothing will adequately prepare you for seeing an actual bear riding in the backseat of an actual taxi.

Tree trauma.

Reddit | devyanimhatre

I'm not an arborist so I can't tell you what's going on with this tree. All I know is that it's weirdly unsettling.

Time to leave forever.

Reddit | yamagnito

If it's gross and unsettling to see one roach, it must be a million times more gross and unsettling to see a million roaches.

Gaping maw.

I don't know why a fun fair would have such a weirdly realistic human face as the entrance to...whatever's in there.

Go out in style.

Reddit | 69pUssYmoGuL69

This old-school hearse, built in the 1920s by Mercedes-Benz, gives the deceased a stylish, gothic way to get to the cemetery.

Much like in some horror movies, some scenes only give us a start after we see the photos we've taken of them.

For instance, this is just a cat in the middle of shaking its head and that's all it seemed to be to the naked eye.

But once that shutter clicked, the motion blur turned it into an abomination with only an unblinking eye for a facial feature.

While most of the photos we've seen were their own startling surprises, this one marks the existential nightmare one unfortunate person went through.

As the uploader explained, this is a visitor pass given to them when they visited a comatose friend in the hospital after a car wreck.

As you might have noticed from the date on it, that friend eventually woke up to find themselves in a post-9/11 world suddenly beset by grief and dread.

And it wouldn't be the last time something like that happened either.

Although it's easy to see this just as a sign that this car has a cool driver, it did indeed leave the uplaoder seriously startled.

Apparently, they happened to be walking outside and glanced at this, which gave them what they described as a "mini heart attack."

After all, that split second before someone realizes what they're looking at is more than enough time to think "Aah, Jason Voorhees is not only real but staring right at me!"

If this resembles the classic "bad luck Brian" meme to you, that's apparently not the intention here.

But since this was just hanging out in the uploader's history class without explanation, it's hard to know exactly what the intention behind making this or displaying it was.

And that mystery only makes this image creepier.

This is one of those visuals that inspires unnerved feelings at first and then pity and sadness once you examine it further.

When the uploader had to clear away what they described as a "human rat nest" outside of the arena they work at, they discovered these strange pages among some clothing, cosmetics, and baby supplies.

Even without being able to make out what these notes say, it's clear they were made by someone who isn't in a peaceful place mentally.

Normally, the personalities we can make out from things that look like other things are adorable, but that isn't the case with this baked potato.

Instead, the face on this one looks realistic and unsettling enough that it would be tough to work up the nerve to eat it.

There's something about the right atmosphere that can make anything seem a lot more sinister.

For instance, the people in this photo are almost certainly minding their own business and taking innocent walks in the park.

However, the bare trees and the heavy fog in this gloomy winter scene would make it seem like we would about to be surrounded if we were actually there.

While I suppose this is good advice, warnings like this can end up filling us with more questions than answers.

After all, when we ask ourselves "what witch?" and see nothing that gives us an answer, it's likely that we'll find ourselves looking over our shoulders until we get home.

Whether you like cranberry sauce or not, it'll probably be a challenge to look at this photo without feeling uncomfortable.

And while suddenly coming face-to-face with a sight like this is inherently startling, the fact that it involves so much of the sauce in its most unappealing form doesn't really help.

Pants pots.

Reddit | hylajuggler

I'm sure some people might find this method of flower planting to be cute, but I'm not part of that group.

Reddit | Wolus10

Here's the floor of a newly vacant apartment after the previous tenant of 20 years moved out. If that's water damage, how did it happen?


Reddit | yuffiemar

I don't know if this squirrel has melanism, albinism, or both. It's pretty weird to see a squirrel that's so dark and so light at the same time.


Reddit | duckduckgoosey_1

This moth has the prettiest moth wings I've ever seen. You can tell that the purple areas shimmer with iridescence.

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