Etsy Seller Includes Sassy Message In Her Thank You Note To A Customer

Many times in marriages, women don't always get along with their in-laws. While some are fortunate enough to gain some amazing in-laws, others have to suffer the burden of being tied to people who just don't blend well in their lives... for life.

Many women tend to dislike or disagree with their mother-in-laws.

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As it turns out, there is scientific proof as to why in-laws don't always get along with their new family members. Some reasons tend to be differences in traditions and even "private troubles."

Some in-laws are passive about their distaste.

However, other times, in-laws are up front and personal about how much they do not like their new daughter or son.

Recently, one mother-in-law had the entire internet up in arms when she brutally called her daughter-in-law out in a note.

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Suki-Rose Simakis shared the note that she received from an Etsy shop that she ordered from. The shop owner sent a pretty hasty note to Simakis—who is a total stranger to her.

The note was sent, like many Etsy shop owners do, to thank Simakis for her order.

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But, after the nice "thank you" was a very not-so-subtle dig at the shop owner's DIL. The note read:

“Thank you. Enjoy these.

I hope my daughter-in-law packaged these up good. She can’t do anything right.”

Obviously, Simankis had to share the note online.

Simankis wrote,

"This note that arrived with an Etsy order is... the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. WTF Peggy."

Of course, people online had tons to say about this passive agressive note.

Some people said that the daughter-in-law deserved way better and that this MIL went too far.

One person said that this is a great opportunity to leave a glowing review.

One Twitter user joked around that they should leave a positive review about how great the packaging is to show the MIL that her DIL did a good job.

Another Twitter user said maybe "Peggy" is pretty smart.

One pointed out that while everyone is quick to blame MIL, maybe DIL doesn't exist and Peggy wants to make up for her shoddy packaging.

Some, however, said they'd, "kill for a MIL like Peggy."

While Peggy seems a little difficult, some women online said that compared to their MILs, Peggy is a day at the beach!

How would you react if you got a note like this?