17+ People Who Didn’t Get What They Wanted

We all like to get what we ask for in life, whether it be something as simple as getting the right order at a restaurant or something like getting to actually see things on a sightseeing trip.

Although, the world sadly doesn't always work like that. So, with this in mind, please enjoy these 17+ people who didn't get what they wanted!

"I hope my kid is half this happy."

By the looks of this ad, this kid wanted literally anything other than a damn Pogo Jumper!

All The Heroes You Want, In One!

Presenting to you, the Wonder Iron Spider Super Hulk Bat! All shall tremble who feel its wrath!

"This makes [me] never want to start gardening..."

Maybe they should spent less thyme thinking up puns, and more thyme planting flowers then!

"Down in the dumps after a breakup, turn to my fortune cookie that came with my takeout for advice...reminded why I'm not in to all that mystic stuff."

"Well, the stars are telling me that, seeing as how you're an Aquarius, this month you must...take advantage of great savings at Bensons For Beds!"

"Is that the stars telling you that, or the check from Bensons For Beds you're waving around?"

"The stars! Oooohhh! They're informing me of low, low prices on high quality furniture!"

"Yeah, I want my money back."

Don't Drink On The Job!

"I love what you did with the intentionally crooked window!"


"Why do you smell of whiskey?"

"Spoungeboeb Sqwarepaints!"

This is what Spongebob Squarepants would look like if he was reimagined by H.P. Lovecraft I imagine. A monolithic demon which takes the shape of beloved children's characters but twists them into a nightmarish reimagining. And, every child who passes through its stomach on the slide shall be taken to another dimension, never to be seen again. Grim...right?

"[Why,] children, why?!"

I know that it can be hard to keep Play-Doh separate, but this looks like they've gone out of their way to make them all gray!

"Anyone up for some Stars & Bucks?"

"I don't think that you spelled it right."

"I'm absolutely positive, that is how it is spelled."

"Well, at the very least, it'll help us avoid copyright infringement...hopefully."

"It would've cost $0 to flip that pizza around."

I cannot imagine how much this would pizz me off if I had to walk past this every day.

"Both fake Nike and fake Adidas!"

It is impressive to have a pair of shoes that are fake in more ways than just one! Sign me up for a pair!

"Friend of mine went to a bat exhibit today, she saw more bats than she expected."

Batman was probably hoping to be asked to make a speech at the bat exhibit, but was sidelined by the appearance of real bats.

"His Disappointment Is Immeasurable And His Glass Barrier Is Pointless."

I can only think that I have only felt this level of disappointment when I saw the Justice League film. I mean, what a way to just run $300 million into the ground. I'll never get over that.

"My parents' bathroom is on a platform next to an angled ceiling so you hit your head every time...and it has a telephone."

Maybe they wanted an inconveniently high-up toilet that gives you a stiff neck and lets you make house calls? I mean, I don't know why anyone would ever want that, but you never know!

"Ahh yes, reality is often disappointing."

I mean, if I had the choice of a smaller amount of asphalt in my roll then I would probably be happy about it.

"A bag of apples with a character on it that got poisoned by an apple."

"What mascot should we use?"

"I don't know, Snow White? Isn't she all about apples or something?"

"I wouldn't necessarily say she is 'all about apples,' it's more that..."

"Screw it, run it!"


This is infinitely better than owning an actual item with "Supreme" written on it. I mean, for a kick off, this doesn't automatically make you a dullard, so that's a win.

The Perfect K-Pop Party!

The person who posted this wrote, "This Brazilian girl is a big fan of K-pop and all Korean culture, so her father without understanding much wanted to personalize her party with the most famous Korean character he found."

"I'll allow it..."

I feel like this is the closest cat-equivalent to someone tagging you in a picture on Facebook in which you hate how you look.

"What is this?! A sink for ants?!"

It looks more like a bath for an iPhone. Again, I don't know why you'd want this, but it's there in case you need it!

"Friend went to Tennessee for some sightseeing..."

Nope, it looks like your friend went to Tennessee. I don't think that you can legitimately call this "sightseeing."

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