Soldier 'Desperate' For Donations To Help Bring Home Puppy She Rescued Overseas

Every year there are many dogs that are hoping to find safe and loving homes. This hope is even more difficult for dogs that are found by American soldiers overseas, as these dogs find themselves even further from a safe home.

One soldier discovered that she has a special connection with a puppy she rescued overseas, one which desperately needs a safe home with her in the United States.

"PuPup" is a puppy in need of a ride home.

While stationed outside of the U.S, Sergeant Char noticed a stray dog that was expecting puppies. Once the dog gave birth, she and some fellow soldiers found a safe spot for new family to stay, but she knew it would only work temporarily.

There was one puppy unlike the rest.

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Sergeant Char noticed that one of the puppies was very timid and easily scared of everything, while the other puppies were a bit more confident with their surroundings.

She began to form a special bond with the timid puppy who she affectionately named "PupPup."

Sergeant Char intends on sending PupPup to America, but she can't do it alone.

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Heartbroken at the thought of leaving her sweet puppy behind, Sergeant Char has teamed up with PawsOfWar, an organization dedicated to helping overseas pets find homes in America, so she'll be able to take PupPup home with her when she returns.

"I'm desperately asking Paws of War to help me bring my beautiful helpless PupPup back to America with me," she told the organization.

Bringing PupPup home could be a matter of life or death.

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The area where Sergeant Char and other soldiers are stationed is not safe, and if left alone, PupPup could get hurt or even die.

Sergeant Char is accepting donations through the PawsOfWar website and is hoping to finally bring her best friend home to live with her.

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h/t: Paws of War

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