People Are Making Epic Nacho Tables For When The Regular Chip Bowl Won't Cut It

Guys, do not panic, but I think we've hit the peak of civilization. We don't need to develop farther as a species, because someone invented nacho tables. I mean, it's all downhill after this.

Pull up a chair, settle in, and grab some guac, because we're going to dive into the world of nacho tables today.

So, a nacho table is exactly what it sounds like.

It is quite literally a table full of nachos. No plates — we eat like men. Fingers only, people. Utensils are acceptable for spooning out condiments and sauces.

So, here's what you do.

Get your table. If you don't have one, you've failed step one. Go get a table.

Next, cover it entirely in aluminum foil wrap. Make sure to secure it underneath so that nothing touches your actual table.

Time for the chips.

Layer in your nacho chips as your base, then add your warm cheese. You can do a mix, but make sure at least some of it is melted so that you get those amazing, picture-perfect cheese strings.

Add your toppings!

I am digging the idea of putting your toppings in pre-arranged bowls. I'm into it. The only thing left to do is dive in and eat your heart out!