Forget Chocolates And Send A Heart-Shaped Planter Bursting With Succulents Instead

We all know the go-to gift for Valentine's Day: flowers and chocolate, right?

Well, here's the thing. Chocolate is fine, but flowers sure do die quickly. Instead, think outside the box and buy your Valentine something that will last — succulents!

Meet the succulent heart.

I mean, come on. This is the best gift idea ever. If your Valentine loves succulents, a succulent heart planter is almost a no-brainer! (I also approve of you buying one of these for yourself, by the way.)

It was created by Etsy shop QueenofSucculents.

Based out of California, QueenofSucculents grows and sources their succulents locally to create gorgeous, handmade bouquets that will delight any plant lover! You can also buy individual succulents, but let's be real: we're here for the hearts.

The bouquets can be made with any succulents.

You can choose your color palette, too! QueenofSucculents has a wide variety of succulent colors that can be tailored to your sweetheart's favorite colors.

The bouquet is 11" tall.

It's available on Etsy for $199.99, which isn't a bad price for handmade, hand-grown succulents in a handmade planter, especially since they'll live for an incredibly long time!

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