High School Principal Works Overnight Shifts At Walmart To Help Out His Students

There are times when some of us may feel disheartened by the struggles of life, especially during the pandemic.

Fortunately, one high school principal's story is offering inspiration and a powerful reminder that human kindness not only still exists, but also has the potential to encourage love while giving back to the community.

He went above and beyond for his students.

It all started in North Charleston, South Carolina with the Principal Henry Darby of North Charleston High School.

As NBC News reported, by day he worked with students as a role model and mentor. But by night, he worked at a Walmart store, completing long and often exhausting shifts overnight to help continue to support those very same students.

Or, as he affectionately refers to them, his "grandchildren."

He was a humble hero.

Shubham Sharan l Unsplash

Darby decided not to tell anyone about his seemingly endless work schedule. He didn't tell his students, school staff, or his boss at Walmart about all of his extra responsibilities.

The reason he decided to work so many hours wasn't for him, it was for his students.

Darby realized that his students needed help and took action.

The kind principal was already known for his willingness to go the extra mile when he would visit student homes to check on them. It broke his heart to see so many of the high schoolers living in poverty. So, he decided to do something for them and save up enough money to help students in need.

However, it wasn't long before both his students and Walmart found out about his quiet, kind deeds and planned their own heartfelt surprise.

The community found a special way to thank Darby for his work.

His students recently gathered while carrying signs to show their support for Darby one day when Walmart and the TODAY Show planned a surprise thank-you donation of $50,000 for the school. The story went viral and the world is truly touched.

Darby told NBC he hopes his unassailable work inspires others pay it forward and help members of their own community who are in need.

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h/t: NBC News