16+ Everyday Things That Seem Impossible To Recognize

Much like a shapeshifting alien in a horror movie, it can be pretty unsettling when something we recognize morphs into something we don't, or when it adopts features we wouldn't have otherwise associated with it.

In this list, we'll investigate those instances with 15+ everyday things that look impossible to recognize.

"One of the eggs I poached this morning came out looking like a human heart."

A breakfast that'll make you feel like a powerful, evil witch that performs human sacrifices. What a great way to start the day!

"What a 7-Eleven looks like without signs, products and people."

You could have told me this was an empty jewelry store and I'd probably have an easier time believing it.

"The carrot my husband grew."

I really want to say it tried its best, I do, but I'm not sure if that's true.

"This piece of a brick wall weathered into a stone I found on the shore of Lake Ontario."

In the future when buildings are made entirely of glass and carbon fiber, will objects like this be considered ancient relics?

"This 'rope couch' I saw for sale today."

The worst part about this is knowing that it was probably ridiculously expensive for no good reason.

"Just look at my smug little bathroom candle."

"Hey beautiful, you look great today. Is it hot in here or is it just my eyes and mouth on fire?"

"My egg carton looks like cat heads."

Not just any cats, but hairless cats. Sad hairless cats. They must not like eggs very much.

Loafing Around.

"Well, I wanted to get some bread, but this guy looks a little...concerned. I'll pass this time."

"The night vision on our security camera makes our wood floor looks like it’s different shades."

Someone in the comments provided the answer as to why this happened, "Two different kinds of wood or coating with varying IR absorption."

I was hoping half of their floor was haunted, or something.

"Gluten strands inside a patty of pizza dough at my job."

Wait, that's what gluten is? No wonder so many people are gluten intollerant, that stuff looks weird.

'This jumbo frosted mini wheat."

That's not just a frosted mini wheat, that's a frosted mini wheat farm.

"I found a very skinny water bottle today."

Perfect for exactly five sips, which is probably all I would have had anyway, no matter how much I promised to drink more water.

"This egg my chicken laid looks like a kinder surprise egg."

Only one way to find out which it is, time to crack it open and see if there's a toy inside!

"This young lad seems to be enjoying a bit of licorice."

That, or he's eating some spaghetti that went very, very wrong. Hopefully, it's the former.

"The way this cut up watermelon froze."

You've heard of apples and cheddar, now get ready for watermelon and parmesean!

"Cauliflower grown in my friends garden with beautiful pattern."

There's actually a variant of cauliflower and broccoli called romanesco that creates this pattern, which is great news for me because it means I have the option to eat prettier vegetables.

"I took a picture of a nail splitting a piece of wood in half."

Is it sad that I thought this was the inside of a chocolate croissant? Or does it just mean I'm hungry?

"Rhodocrosite and quartz formations that look like rose bundles."

Not nearly as soft though, and I don't think as many people would enjoy a bouquet of this.

"Driftwood that looks like a fish."

I really thought this was just a mummified fish so it's good to know just how easily I can be fooled.

"Forgot my coffee in freezer, then took it out and started drinking. While it was melting and I was drinking it formed this pattern [...]."

This looks like it could be the cover for a psychedelic rock album from a band with a name like The Sun's Beckoning Rays, or something.