Two Kids Recreated The Obamas' Fashionable Inauguration Looks Down To Michelle's Belt

President Joe Biden's inauguration was a historical event for many reasons. Throughout American history, the swearing-in of any president is an iconic and important moment. However, there was one thing also that stood out among the speeches and oaths — and that was the fashion.

It seems that while everyone was sporting their masks, they were also sporting insane looks.

From Vice President Kamala Harris to First Lady Jill Biden, the ladies took center stage with their vivid colors and iconic jackets and outfits.

Another person who stood out was none other than Amanda Gorman.

The poet and author stood out in a beautiful yellow jacket and a red headband (her outfit has already been sold out by the designer, because it's stunning!).

But, above all, one couple was absolutely killing it in the fashion game.

Former President Barack Obama and Former First Lady Michelle Obama were hand-in-hand, rocking two outfits that made everyone take a double look. The two never disappoint, but Michelle was absolutely slaying.

The Obamas' looks were so iconic, that people began to recreate their inauguration fashion.

While many across social media began to recreate their "look," our favorite by far came from two adorable kids who got the outfits down to a tee.

Ryleigh Madison, in her Instagram account run by her mom, shared the photos of her and her friend.

Ryleigh and her friend, Zayden, nailed the looks of Barack and Michelle Obama. The two posed together side-by-side, just like the husband and wife duo, looking sleek and chic.

Ryleigh had the whole Michelle look down!

From the blown-out hair to that red coat and even the signature belt that Michelle wore, this little girl has it totally done right.

Zayden also looks just like Barack Obama in this outfit.

The closed jacket, the tie, the American flag pin! It is a total copy of Barack in his winter attire.

Not to mention, they're simply adorable.

Aside from these looks being totally amazing, these two are just so sweet together! I mean, admit it, your heart is totally melting.

And, Ryleigh has some other great looks on her Instagram page.

Like this one look where she wore that dazzling white suit that Kamala Harris wore for her iconic speech. Truly a woman in power!

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