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10+ Inappropriate Movie And TV Moments That Should Have Been Cut

Sarah Kester 3 Feb 2021

It's shuddering to think about what makes the cut in Hollywood these days.

Inappropriate age gaps, inappropriate sexually explicit scenes, and so much more.

These are ideas that should have been left on the drawing board (or in the garbage can). And yet, they saw the light of film.

Here are 10+ inappropriate movie and TV moments that should have been cut.

1. Shake It Up


Demi Lovato's early exit on Disneys Sonny With a Chance was to seek treatment at rehab for bulimia.

That’s why she was shaken up (no pun intended) by the line, “I could just eat you up, well if I ate,” in Disney's Shake It Up. Eating disorders are not something to joke about!

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2. America's Next Top Model


A lot of inappropriate things somehow got the green light on this competition show.

This included a "race swap" photoshoot idea. Creative director Jay Manuel was infuriated by the idea, but no one listened to him when he objected to it.

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He felt “uncomfortable” and afraid of the backlash over the controversial idea.

Giphy | America's Next Top Model

In the end, Tyra Banks took the reins for the most part.

The show didn’t end up receiving criticism over the incident until years after it was aired.

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3. Wedding Crashers

New Line Cinema via YouTube

Given the many rape and homophobic jokes, we're surprised that this movie didn’t crash at the box office.

The opening scene shows a woman reaching for pills as the cheating husband replies, “That’s it. Go comatose for me, baby.”

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4. Sixteen Candles

Universal via YouTube

There was nothing okay with the character Jake passing off his drunk unconscious girlfriend to a nerdy guy.

“I got Caroline in the bedroom right now, passed out cold. I could violate her 10 different ways if I wanted to," he says, easily demonstrating the movie's lack of respect for women.

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5. A Christmas Story

Fans felt less than merry over one racially insensitive scene in the classic holiday flick.

It was when the Asian waiters mispronounce “la la la” to “ra ra ra" while singing "Deck the Halls." This prompted lots of laughter from the characters.

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In good news, the 2017 adaption of A Christmas Story Live!, turned the racist spin into something delightful instead.


They had the Asian a cappella group, The Filharmonic, singing the perfect version.

They also had more diverse casting for the film!

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6. Seinfeld

NBC via YouTube

Peurto Ricans weren’t happy when they saw Kramer stomping on their flag as if it was on fire during an episode of Seinfield.

The moment will forever be flagged as an ultimate low point, with the National Puerto Rican Coalition saying they felt used as a “stage prop."

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7. American Horror Story

20th Television via YouTube

There have been a lot of controversial moments in the popular show, but there was one that truly crossed the line.

It was when the show’s creator Ryan Murphy used a rape scene as a metaphor for pain and addiction.

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8. The Aristocats

Disney via YouTube

Racist moments are littered throughout the song "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat."

While all seems fun and jolly, one of the Siamese cat’s is shouting “fortune cookie always wrong” while using chopsticks as a way to play the piano.

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9. America’s Next Top Model again


Lines were horrifically crossed when contestant Kayla Ferrel was cornered and guilted to kiss random men on the show.

She tried her hardest to opt-out by explaining an extremely personal and traumatic sexual assault incident when she was 11.

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One moment in the show was extremely tone-deaf.

When Mercedez Jones asked the rest of the gang, “Could we maybe try something a little more… black?” Rachel responded with, “It’s glee club, not crunk club.”

This had viewers raising eyebrows at the comment.

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11. The Breakfast Club

Universal Pictures via YouTube

A perverted scene involving Bender should have landed the character in jail.

While under a table, he takes the opportunity to peek under Claire's skirt. It's even implied that he touches her inappropriately.

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To this day, actress Molly Ringwald, who played Claire, has trouble with that scene.


The actress, who has admitted to being sexually assaulted by a director when she was 14, has said that she was only "vaguely aware" of how "inappropriate" John Hughes' writing was in the movie at the time.

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12. Friends

NBC via YouTube

When the show shows Monica as her former larger self, she is constantly belittled and made the butt of the jokes. She's even called a “30-year-old virgin” at one point.

It's sad that the writers took this fat-shaming narrative.

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13. Sixteen Candles again

Universal via YouTube

John Hughes certainly got it wrong with this film.

In it, Asian actor, Gedde Watanabe, played the character named Long Duk Dong. As if that wasn't insensitive enough, a gong sound went off every time he entered a scene.

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14. Revenge of the Nerds

20th Century Fox via YouTube

There's a controversial scene that is going to be removed in Seth MacFarlane’s reboot.

It's when Lewis has sex with Betty by wearing a mask and pretending to be her boyfriend. It's referred to as “rape-by-deception.”

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15. That '70s Show

Fox via YouTube

Fez may be one of our favorite characters, but it feels icky to know that his name was short for “foreign exchange student."

This turned into a constant running gag with his friends making fun of his intelligence, accent, and potential deportation.

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16. Wedding Crashers again

New Line Cinema

Any form of non-consensual sex is never okay — nor is making a joke about it.

But in the film, Vince Vaughn’s character is tied up and awoken to Isla Fisher sitting on top of him.

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