Someone Created A Breastfeeding Barbie Doll To Show What Motherhood Is Really Like

If you've ever played with a Barbie doll when you were a child, you know how perfect they look. I have to admit I waited patiently to get my first Barbie.

But what if your Barbie looked more like a regular woman? In fact, what if she looked like a tired new mother who just welcomed a baby into her life?

That's an idea one creative Australian dollmaker came up with recently.

Betty Strachan isn't about to sugarcoat motherhood for you. She knows a thing or two about it since she welcomed her third baby not too long ago.

She creates custom Barbie dolls that show you the realities of motherhood.

The Barbie dolls don't look as glamorous as we remember from our childhood. Instead, some of them feature glossed-over and tired eyes and messy hair in a ponytail.

Betty repaints and restyles Barbie dolls to make them look more like real people.

And one of the important things she wanted to highlight was motherhood. So she created a pregnant Barbie with a realistic-looking belly. Isn't that so amazing or what?

She realized that dolls like these aren't readily available for kids to see.

And she didn't want to hide this aspect of life from them. Society often deems certain things unacceptable. Betty wanted, instead, to educate kids about the reality of motherhood.

It was her way of erasing the stigma behind things like motherhood.

There is no need to sugarcoat everything. Kids are a lot smarter and ready to learn more than we might think. And dolls like these can help them understand things much better.

Being a new mother is hard work. So why not show kids what it really is?

Taking care of a newborn baby is a beautiful thing, but it can get tough and tiring indeed. Betty's dolls show the great and rough sides of motherhood.

Betty specializes in making custom dolls by following her clients' specifications.

She makes diverse and realistic dolls that reflect her clients' requests. You can reach out to her via her Etsy shop, and she will work with you to make the doll you're looking for.

She even makes dolls that aren't related to motherhood or pregnancy.

Here she made a beautiful custom doll of a girl in a wheelchair. Wow, I'm so impressed by her thoughtful work. I bet this doll is going to make the lucky recipient so happy.

So what do you think of this creative idea?

Do you think realistic dolls like these are good for kids to get accustomed to? I think there's a time and place for everything and these dolls are much-needed in our society.

h/t The Daily Dot

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