Quotes That Prove Adulthood Is Just Cleaning Your Kitchen Over And Over Again

Many people like the idea of adult life being constant excitement with the next adventure always just around the corner.

While that may sometimes be the case, truthfully, especially during the pandemic, adulthood is mostly a never ending cycle of menial tasks, like cleaning the kitchen.

We've compiled some quotes that truly embody the phenomena that no matter how many times it's cleaned, somehow the kitchen is always a disaster the next day.

There's always someone ready to leave behind a mess.

This one is for all of our overachieving cleaners, usually moms, who are sick and tired of someone coming into the kitchen like a tornado ready to cause some serious wreckage.

Sadly, chores are never cancelled.

While the pandemic continues to cause many events and activities to be canceled or postponed, this quote is a reminder that, of course, dishes are still popping up everywhere.

In fact, because everyone is home more now, there are even more dishes than usual for many of us.

Kids have a way of guaranteeing that cleaning is never-ending.

Many parents remember their pre-parent days of throwing fun events at their homes and then doing the post party clean-up after a legendary party.

This quote pokes fun at how now, they get the honor of cleaning after their kid's parties, and by parties, we mean about two seconds of kitchen time when the kiddos are left to their own devices.

There are three things you can count on in life, and they're all terrible.

You don't have to deal with taxes every day, and I truly hope you don't have to deal with taxes every day, but you know what you do have to deal with everyday?

A dirty kitchen.

Let us know if any or all of these quotes resonated with you in the comments.

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