The 'Target Dress Challenge' Has People Channeling Their Inner 'Little House On The Prairie'

Have you ever heard of an item that all of a sudden became an internet sensation — for better or worse? That seems to be the case with these Target dresses that are literally going viral right now.

When you look at these dresses, you'll probably think, "Why?" and that's not a surprise. But what is a surprise is how people are posing in them. Keep reading to find out more.

Check out these dresses.

Don't they look like they belong on the set of Little Women or something like that?

That's what most people who have seen them thought, too. And then they took Target up on their challenge by posing for hilarious photos and sharing them online.

That's how the whole #TargetDressChallenge started.

People decided to style these dresses and post pictures of themselves online wearing them in all kinds of "fitting" situations. And I've got to admit, some of these pictures are really hilarious.

There are women, kids, and, get this, even men posing in these Target dresses.

OMG, this picture is actually making me laugh out loud! This is the hilarious viral challenge we all needed.

Some of the folks who took on this challenge went all out and made their pictures look very vintage.

Wow, I definitely wouldn't want to run into this lady in a dark alley, especially while she's holding this farm accessory.

Aww, look at that adorable little babe here.

Doesn't she resemble one of the kids that could fit right in on The Little House on the Prairie? I absolutely love the sentiment of this picture. What about you? Do you dig it, too?

These three ladies sure look like they mean business.

Do you get what I'm saying? I bet this is going to be one of their favorite pictures to look back on one day. They're taking this #TargetDressChallenge very seriously, eh?

Oh, look. This guy is doing his duty around the farm here.

I'm really impressed he was able to collect that many eggs without breaking most of them along the way. It is one unusual look you don't see every day.

Speaking of being helpful, here's another scene you don't see as often as one should.

I've got to say I'm really digging this whole dress and boots style we're witnessing. I wonder if the cow is as impressed by it as we are.

Honestly, I love the vintage-inspired pictures like this one the most.

They look like they're right out of the correct era for this style of clothing. I wish I had an awesome farm nearby because I would definitely attempt something like this myself.

OMG, if this picture isn't giving you any creepy vibes, I don't know what will.

While most of the photos from this challenge are funny, I admire this lady's commitment to portraying such a sinister-looking character here. It is probably my favorite picture I have seen so far. What about you?

Look at these kiddos. I want to know where they found all those chickens, ha, ha!

That is one impressive chicken coop. Am I right? I love how this picture got the sepia color treatment here. Do you even remember sepia? I sure miss it alright.

It seems to me that kids do love their chickens.

This scene reminds me of my cousin's hen, Pipiula. She was one lucky chicken that would be allowed into the house. We should have gotten her these diapers to wear ha, ha!

I have to admit this Target dress is actually really adorable.

It looks very well made too. Doesn't it look like a mish-mash of Little House on the Prairie and Gone with the Wind? It definitely gives me that vibe.

Talk to me, little chicken, talk to me. What's going on in the hen house?

At first, I totally thought this lady was holding a pomeranian dog, but it's only a chicken, hee, hee. Can you see how I could have made a mistake like that?

This lady looks like she's really taking this #TargetDressChallenge to heart.

The only thing is — she forgot to take off her Apple watch. Oh well, that happens to the best of us. I have even seen this gaffe in a few period piece movies. Ha, ha!

Aww, is this not the cutest little chicken coop or what?

I would love to have something like that on my property one day. I don't know if I would dress up quite like that, but I dig the whole concept here.

Oh, no, I don't know if I like the look of that.

The rooster seems to be a little frightened too, huh? That is one serious take that required some commitment, hehe. This dress though is really cool-looking. Am I right?

Somebody seems to be slacking on their work.

It isn't a "chug, work, chug, work" kind of place, you know! Tending to the farm is very painstakingly long and hard work. So get to it already and put down that drink, buddy.

I've got to say, as far as online challenges are concerned, this is by far one of my favorites.

How about you? Are you digging this "Target Dress Challenge" and how people took it upon themselves to make fun of it?