Lap Quilts With A Built-In Pocket Are A Clever And Cozy Idea

Does the cold winter weather get you down? Honestly, when it's chilly like this, all I want to do is wrap myself in a cozy lap blanket. It's one of my favorite things to do to stay warm and bundle up.

But wouldn't it be cool if you could have a blanket that came with pockets? Well, now you can thanks to one genius Etsy store.

As it turns, out you can find plenty of awesome cozy lap blankets that come with pockets on Etsy.

Does that sound good to you or what? I think a lap blanket with pockets is just what the doctor ordered.

Not only does this lap blanket come with pockets, but it's also quilted.

Oh my goodness, what? It's basically like a quilt and a blanket all in one. I absolutely love that idea. Is it just me, or do you also think quilts are so unique and pretty?

Also, because these lap blanket quilts come with pockets, they are a really great option for anyone who uses a wheelchair.

They're so convenient, and now you can have all your necessities with you. I think that's such a wonderful idea.

This thoughtful Etsy seller came up with the idea for the lap quilt after visiting her grandmother in a nursing home.

Her grandma's hands were always cold, and now she has these useful and cozy pockets to warm them up.

The quilt comes with two pockets, so it's a great way to keep things like tissues and chapstick near you.

Those are two items I always have by my side when I'm chilling at home too. So I approve of this idea wholeheartedly.

There are actually multiple sellers on Etsy that came up with a similar idea.

Therefore you have plenty of different designs, patterns, and styles of these quilts to choose from here. I think this would make a great gift idea for someone you love, too.

The quilts come with warm and natural cotton batting.

They also have a cotton flannel for the backing and lining of the pockets. So that way, they are quite warm and cozy to the touch. Aw, that sounds so nice.

It's super easy to take care of this lap quilt.

All you need to do is throw it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle using cold water. Then, you can line-dry it. Unfortunately, you can't iron it, but I don't think it will need it anyway.

Isn't this something you would love to get for yourself?

Or perhaps you can gift it to your mom or grandma so they can keep themselves warm this winter. What do you think of this idea? I love how unique and useful it is.