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10+ Movie Details That'll Change Some Perspectives

Sarah Kester 2 Feb 2021

Think you know everything about movies? Think again.

See, there's a lot more to film than just the characters, theme, and overall plot. If directors are really good at their job, they'll throw in movie details that only dedicated watchers will get.

Here, come find 10+ of these movie details that'll change some perspective.

1. The thumbprints on Lego toys in The Lego Movie

LEGO System A/S

If you look closely, you'll see fingerprints on the Lego characters. This goes to show the level of detail the animators put into the film!

There's also a good chance that the thumbprint belongs to an angry parent who stepped on another Lego piece again...

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2. The foreshadowing in Fight Club

Fox Pictures

As Reddit user sonicdivine points out, Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) is shown driving while Edward Norton's character is riding passenger.

But when the car crashes, Durden is shown exiting the opposite side, therefore foreshadowing that he was never driving in the first place.

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3. The identical twins in The Matrix

Warner Bros.

If you were only seeing the famous red woman in this The Matrix scene, this was by design.

Twins were specifically chosen for this scene and were given identical hair cuts and clothing to create the illusion of duplicate character models.

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4. Bloody Mary in Shaun of the Dead


In the opening scene, Ed meets the store clerk who is named Mary.

But once the zombies take over, we see that Mary has been impaled by an umbrella, thus making her become a "Bloody Mary." Get it?

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5. The dark history of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction


The frequent bathroom scenes may have been an early link to Vega’s addiction and heroin abuse.

John Travolta, the actor who played him, has even admitted to interviewing many heroin addicts to better understand the character.

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6. The irony in Home Alone

Hughes Entertainment

When Kevin’s father is clearing garbage off the kitchen counter at the beginning of the movie, we see an American Airlines ticket marked ‘Kevin’ being accidentally thrown away.

This foreshadowed the fact that Kevin was definitely staying home alone either way.

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7. The makeup bib in The Truman Show


A makeup bib was shown on the travel agent right in front of Truman and the audience's nose.

This was used to reference the fact that she must have been in a rush to meet her first-ever customer.

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8. Django's name in Django Unchained


During a bar scene, Django is asked by a man how his name is spelled.

After saying “The D is silent," the man quickly responded with, “I know." That man was actually Franco Nero, 1966's original Django.

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9. The tease of Catwoman in Batman Returns


A familiar shadow on the face of Selina Kyle (Michelle Pfeiffer) left some viewers scratching their heads.

Turns out, this actually hinted at Pfeifer's surprise entrance in the sleek black suit as Catwoman.

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10. The pipe dream in The Shawshank Redemption


Everything Morgan Freeman says matters. For instance, when Red is giving Andy a lesson on “[expletive] pipe dreams” and not to chase them.

This ended up being quite the ironic statement as Andy ultimately escaped the prison through the sewage pipes.

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11. Snape's kindness in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

Warner Bros.

During a fight scene between Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall, Snape purposely redirects spells to hit and immobilize his Slytherin companions.

This was another glimpse at how he protected Harry Potter and how he was actually a good wizard.

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12. Leonardo DiCaprio's blood in Django Unchained

Brown 26 Productions

This happened when he smashed his hand on a glass.

Instead of stopping to get medical attention, he stayed in character the entire time and even wiped the blood on Kerry Washington's face!

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13. The Ancient Greek apple in Aladdin


Did you know that throwing an apple at someone used to be a way to propose marriage in Ancient Greece?

Well, while flying through Greece during “A Whole New World," Aladdin throws Jasmin a bright red apple.

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14. 10,297 balloons in Up


Pixar's attention-to-detail has always been second to none.

One of the film's effects artists, Jon Reisch, told Tech Radar that, "The entire canopy is filled with balloons. We didn't just simulate the outer shell."

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15. The Irish folklore in Titanic

20th Century Fox

Remember that scene when the mother tells her two children a bedtime story?

Well, according to this Reddit user, it was an old Irish story called Tír na nÓg. It represents the land of eternal youth and beauty that can only be reached by going underwater or across the sea.

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16. The computer prisoner in American Beauty

Dreamworks Pictures

The alignment and reflection of Lester in his computer was made to look like a man behind bars.

Director Sam Mendes did this on purpose to represent Lester being a prisoner of his own work.

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17. Harry's scar in Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone


When Harry Potter is sitting around his fellow Gryffindors for the first time, he believes that the stare of Professor Snape is what is causing his scar to hurt.

It's pretty eerie after discovering that it's Lord Voldemort behind the turban of the turned-around Professor Quirrell.

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18. The nod to Disney in Zootopia


If you look to the middle of this photo, you'll see the sign for “Tujunga."

This wasn't just made up; it was a nod to the warehouse that the Disney workers had to work in while their regular studio was renovated.

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19. The arrangement of stars in Toy Story 2


Blink and you might miss it!

If you look closely at the top right corner, you'll see that the stars make up the shape of the iconic Pixar lamp.

It appears in the opening logo sequence of every Pixar film.

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