Mom's Photo Of Her 7-Year-Old In A 'Baby Seat' Sparks A Safety Discussion Online

When it comes to parenting, the one thing we are always concerned about is the safety of our children. No matter what other parents say, we're more likely to listen to studies and rules from officials who are looking out to protect our children first and foremost.

One thing many people struggle with is deciding how long to keep their kids in a car seat.

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While some parents go by age requirements, others go by height and weight. Sometimes, if your child is a bit underweight or shorter, they stay in car seats for longer than the average kid.

It's more about keeping kids safe than it is about how old they are at particular points in time.

Many times, parents take their kids out of the traditional car seat and move to a booster seat until they are at the appropriate age and weight for a regular seatbelt.

However, one mom recently wrote a post on Facebook sharing why her seven-year-old son is still in a carseat.

Australian mom Louise Thomsen shared on the Facebook page "Paging Fun Mums" that her son, who is seven, has been "teased" by friends in school because he still uses a forward-facing car seat. However, she isn't going to budge on the situation.

The mom said she's unhappy her son is being teased, but safety is more important.

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"No parent wants their child to experience ridicule BUT the statistics speak for themselves regarding children & approved car seats... especially when they fall asleep in their seats," she said.

She urged parents to stray away from what other parents say and focus on the experts.

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"Take all the factors into consideration when making these choices. Don’t just follow the trend, follow the safest option to protect your family," she said.

The mom also clarified, saying that after this, he will move to a traditional booster seat.

"Just to clarify he will go to a booster after this. He has [passed] the [height] ‘requirements’ for this particular seat a long time ago (as per our government regulation) but it still fits as per their (seat/harness) safety guidelines," she wrote.

Some people online asked why Louise's son's car seat didn't have a chest clip in the photo.

Louise clarified in the comments that in Australia, chest clips are not legal or required for children's car seats. It's important to check your country's laws and guidelines regarding children's car seats to ensure your child will be safe.

When purchasing a car seat, it's also important to check the seat's expiry date.

Car seats have an expiry date that is determined based on wear and tear and changing regulations. Be sure to check the expiry date — especially if the car seat is secondhand. As well, all car seats involved in an accident must also be thrown away and replaced.

Installing a car seat correctly is also crucial.

If you're having trouble installing it, your local fire or police station can usually assist you, or be on the lookout for a community "car seat clinic" where experts can check it.

There are numerous government and safety organizations dedicated to helping parents install car seats correctly, so get an expert's help if you need it.

Many people on Facebook commented on the post, sharing that their kids are also in similar positions to Louise's son.

One grandma said that her eight-year-old grandson is a "tall little string bean" so he is in a booster, no matter what — even if he argues against it.

Others said that their kids are underweight so they have to be in a car seat.

One mom said her nine-year-old is about the same size as a five/six-year-old, so he is in a harness seat, too. She's more concerned with his safety than with what anyone else says.

Sadly, some parents shared stories about what happens when kids stop using car seats too early.

This mom said her friend's son wasn't sitting in a car seat and was injured in a car accident as a result. Thankfully, the boy recovered and his parents use a car seat now.

Other parents stuck to their instincts and kept their kids in car seats — even when their children were teased.

Similar to Louise, this mom's daughter was being teased for using a car seat but it ended up saving her life when she was in a car accident recently.

And, another mom said that her daughter and son are also in full boosters, too.

Many parents care more about what happens to their kids if, heaven forbid, there were an accident or something of that nature. No one cares what other people think as long as your children are safe!

Be sure to check your country and region's local guidelines regarding car seats to find the one that will keep your child safe.

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