Mom Accidentally Sends Daughter To School With A Thong Stuck To Her Shoe

There are a lot of situations that are just absolute nightmares when you're a parent. Sending your kids to school with something that they're just not supposed to have is one sure-fire way to die from embarrassment.

There are times when moms are rushing and accidentally forget to check their kid's backpack.

Unsplash | Cyrus Crossan

We've heard the crazy stories of kids bringing things to school they just shouldn't as the result of an innocent mix-up. I've even seen a kid who accidentally brought a White Claw to school in his lunch!

Recently, one mom's worst nightmare came true when she found out that her daughter accidentally brought one of the mom's personal items to school.

Mom Gracie Noe picked her daughter up from school only to realize that sometimes, parenting just absolutely sucks. Her daughter was in the car with her, detailing a very embarrassing day for them both.

The mom, who is also a fitness influencer, posted the video clip to her Instagram account.

Her daughter happens to attend a Catholic school, which can be pretty strict about its rules and protocols. So, when her daughter recounted the story in the video, you can only imagine how bad the mom felt.

Apparently, her six-year-old daughter was walking around with a "surprise" on her shoe.

In the video her daughter can be heard saying:

"I walked to class and then I saw a teacher and she said, 'There's something on your shoe, honey.'"

Her daughter reached down only to find that her mother's underwear was stuck to her shoe's velcro.

And, not just any underwear — a thong.

"And then I stomped all the way to the principal and I said, 'This is my mom's underwear, our house is messy,'" the girl told her mom.

The principal told her to put it in her pocket and go back to class.

But, she just had to tell her teacher.

"And I got to class and I said, 'This was on my shoe this morning.' And I showed it, the underwear, and then she said to put it in my backpack," she told her mom.

Of course, the mom was mortified. But, people online couldn't get enough.

One person wrote she's, "So glad that the mom caught it on camera," because she was crying laughing. I mean, same.

Others said it's totally a "special parenting moment."

A lesson learned by this mom and moms everywhere, check your child before they leave for school. You just never know!

Parents everywhere: Take notes.

As I'm sure this mom did, every parent should learn their lesson from this one. Check your kids before they leave your house because you never know what they're tracking around.